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What Are The Home­made Beau­ty Tips and Recipes Many of us are spend­ing a whole lot more time indoors these days, in keep­ing with glob­al con­cerns about “stop­ping the spread” of the coro­n­avirus. That might mean home­school­ing the kids, for now, work­ing from home day in, day out, or sim­ply restrict­ing your social activ­i­ties to those you can host in the gar­den or backyard. What­ev­er these tem­po­rary restric­tions mean in your world, chances are you’re home much more these days, opt­ing to skip out on your month­ly facial at the spa to err on the side of caution. It’s a wise idea, but you may find your­self crav­ing the indul­gence of a fab­u­lous facial or wish­ing your hair could get some spe­cial treat­ment over the com­ing day for a new you! Guess what? You can have those and much more with­out ever set­ting foot out­side your front door! We’ve got some ter­rif­ic do-it-your­self beau­ty recipes you can whip up your­self, and most of them take no more than two ingre­di­ents to make, ingre­di­ents that are like­ly already on your pantry shelf. Pret­ty soon, your hair will be shin­ing, your skin will be glow­ing from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, and you” feel mar­vel­lous inside and out. Who­ev­er said spend­ing hefty amounts on get­ting gor­geous at a salon before any occa­sion obvi­ous­ly had­n’t done their homework! Try these, and we guar­an­tee you’ll feel like you just stepped out of a pricey spa:

1- Face Moisturizer

This won­der­ful, easy-to-make mois­tur­iz­er has a bonus – it’s vegan! Com­bine a quar­ter cup of raw Shea but­ter with four tea­spoons of almond oil, blend it well, and apply it to your face and neck. I use a jar for my home­made good­ies; it’s a way to reuse emp­ty con­tain­ers rather than just recy­cling them, and it saves mon­ey, too. Just use a dol­lop at a time; how­ev­er, this is one effec­tive mois­tur­iz­er, and you don’t need to apply much for it to work real­ly well.

2- Facial Mask for Inflamed Skin

Do you find that your face feels even dri­er come win­ter than it does at oth­er times of the year? Maybe it even gets a lit­tle itchy, sore and red? This is the mask for you! Use a blender or hand mix­er to com­bine six straw­ber­ries and a table­spoon of good-qual­i­ty liq­uid hon­ey. (Add more hon­ey if the mix­ture is too coarse or lumpy, or until it’s the con­sis­ten­cy you can apply easily). Straw­ber­ries don’t just calm inflam­ma­tion and break­outs; they calm anx­i­ety, too, natur­opaths say. Leave the mix­ture on for about 10 min­utes, then gen­tly wipe away with a warm face­cloth. Ah… bliss!

3- Hair Mask for A Glossy Mane

This treat­ment makes your hair look and feels like a soft, shiny blan­ket of tress­es that oth­ers will envy – and that nev­er hurts, right? Mix half a cup of good-qual­i­ty liq­uid hon­ey with a quar­ter cup of good-qual­i­ty olive oil. When it’s thor­ough­ly blend­ed, mas­sage it into your hair and leave for about five min­utes. Use a gen­tle sham­poo and wash your hair well; you’ll imme­di­ate­ly see a big dif­fer­ence in shine and manageability.

4- Lip Treatment

what are the homemade beauty tips and recipes l best homemade beauty recipes l best beauty recipes Lips can take quite a beat­ing when the weath­er cools. But dry­ness and flak­ing are dis­tant mem­o­ry once you’ve used this lip balm. (Be sure to test this on an area inside your wrist first to be sure you won’t react to the ingre­di­ents. After all, lips are extra tender!) Mix one table­spoon each of diced, fresh pineap­ple and a table­spoon of hon­ey. Smear the con­coc­tion over your kiss­er for five min­utes, then wipe off any excess. Voila! Fab­u­lous lips ready for a kiss under the mistletoe!

5- Spot Treatment For Blemishes

Thyme is excel­lent for treat­ing the odd pim­ple or black­head. Com­bine two drops of thyme essen­tial oil, one tea­spoon of olive oil, and two tea­spoons of bak­ing soda. Whisk togeth­er well. Put a dab on the offend­ing blem­ish, leave for a minute, then remove. The treat­ment calms the skin and lessens the appear­ance and dura­tion of any blemish.

6- Avocado Face Moisturizer

This is a one-ingre­di­ent won­der! Apply a cou­ple of drops of avo­ca­do oil to your face, and mas­sage it in. Rinse your skin thor­ough­ly after 8–10 min­utes, and your face will feel as smooth and del­i­cate as it did when you were 20! Well, maybe not 20, but it will feel incred­i­ble, we promise!

7- Rose Water Bath

Some­times soak­ing in a hot bath is just the tick­et for reliev­ing stress and mak­ing us feel brand new, and this blend takes that feel­ing to a whole new level. Pour half a cup of rose water and half a cup of coconut milk togeth­er in a jar. Shake well. Pour into the tub while the hot water is run­ning, then lay back, relax, and feel the stress ooz­ing out of every pore. This isn’t just good for your skin; it’s excel­lent for reliev­ing anxiety. Feel free to soak just as long as you like or until the fam­i­ly starts pes­ter­ing you and ask­ing, “what’s for din­ner, mom?”

8- Honey and Yogurt Mask

Why not do a facial while soak­ing in your rose water bath? This one is ter­rif­ic for all types of skin. Mix one table­spoon of plain Greek yogurt with one table­spoon of good-qual­i­ty liq­uid hon­ey, then smear it over your face even­ly. Let it soak in for 10 min­utes, then wipe it away with a face­cloth. Your face will glow positively.

Wrapping Up

Most of the ingre­di­ents in our list of beau­ty treat­ments are items you like­ly have around the kitchen already. But if you don’t, a quick shop­ping trip (or online excur­sion) will get you all the items you need and a big enough sup­ply to car­ry you well into the new year. Take an after­noon or evening all to your­self, send the fam­i­ly to the grand­par­ents or on a long walk. Then, whip up these cre­ations and watch your body change… from dry to dewy, itchy to irre­sistible, and flaky to fabulous. Do them indi­vid­u­al­ly or com­bine sev­er­al treat­ments in one evening. You’ll look absolute­ly won­der­ful, and more impor­tant­ly, you’ll feel fan­tas­tic, too. Restored, reju­ve­nat­ed and ready to tack­le the world. And that’s what being a woman is all about, real­ly. We have to be all things to all peo­ple – mom, career pro­fes­sion­al, wife and friend, and so much more. Every­one expects a lot from women today, so to be ready to tack­le all that’s thrown at you, be sure you take care of your­self first. Doing so means you will be able to take care of every­one else, just like we are sup­posed to!

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