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Every­one needs to drink water in order to sur­vive — we all know that. Hav­ing a reli­able source of safe water can be a great first step to ensur­ing the health of every­one. But once you have that, are you real­ly mak­ing a con­scious effort to drink enough water? And if you’re not drink­ing enough water, what do you do to change that habit? For starters, it’s help­ful to under­stand how much water you actu­al­ly need to drink. Dif­fer­ent experts have dif­fer­ent opin­ions, but many peo­ple use a rough guide of about eight glass­es of water every day. Of course, that can dif­fer based on how tall you are, how much you exer­cise, what you do dur­ing the day, and more. Once you fig­ure out how much you need to drink, then you need to move into how to make sure you get that amount. One way is to have dif­fer­ent habits through­out the day that cen­ter around drink­ing a glass of water. Here are some ideas in this well-researched arti­cle 7 Real­is­tic Tips to Actu­al­ly Drink More Water and an info­graph­ic from Health Perch.

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Keep it Simple. Keep it on You!

Build­ing good drink­ing habits can be a chal­lenge, but often for the wrong rea­sons. Many of us think that get­ting the ide­al dai­ly water intake is a strug­gle we can’t over­come. Yet with these handy meth­ods, you’ll be on your way to effort­less hydra­tion in no time!

- Invest in a Purifier

Hate the taste of water from the tap, but love that fresh taste of bot­tled water? Many peo­ple find it hard to drink their local tap water, and depend­ing on where you live, it may not even be an option. A puri­fi­er is a sim­ple, cheap, and jaw-drop­ping­ly effec­tive way to bring back that nat­ur­al fresh taste of deli­cious water. Grab a puri­fi­er jug for your fridge, or a water bot­tle with an attached puri­fi­er, and fill it up and wait for the mag­ic to happen. Drink­ing puri­fied water is a great way to rebuild enjoy­ment for water, and start want­i­ng to get more of it in your day.

- Drink on a Deadline

Some peo­ple respond well to pres­sure and strict plan­ning. There is where a dai­ly water dead­line can help you drink more. Mea­sure out a large bot­tle of water, usu­al­ly a 1‑litre bot­tle, with time­stamps down the side for each hour of the day. Then it’s a sim­ple mat­ter of keep­ing up with the deadline!

Enjoyment Unlocked!

Now that we have dis­cov­ered some great ways to get more enjoy­ment out of your water, you’re on your way to bet­ter drink­ing habits already. Some impor­tant things to remem­ber are: Always find the method of drink­ing water that works for you, and make sure to research any facts you hear about hydra­tion. Find the healthy habits you enjoy hav­ing in your life!  

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