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Best Shoes For Weightlift­ing /Training and Running Is weight train­ing part of your reg­u­lar fit­ness rou­tine? If not, it should be! Lift­ing weights doesn’t just make your body look trim­mer and more sculpt­ed. It increas­es bone den­si­ty, and that’s an impor­tant tool for ward­ing off osteo­poro­sis lat­er in life. Bone den­si­ty loss can lead to frac­tures if you fall, and that’s not a risk worth tak­ing at any age. Build mus­cle strength now; as you age, your pos­ture will still be erect, your arms won’t get soft and wob­bly, and you’ll be able to lift your chil­dren with­out strain. All those ben­e­fits while look­ing fab­u­lous at 40, 50, and beyond!  If you weren’t weight train­ing before, we’re glad you’re ready to try it now. But whether you’re an expe­ri­enced pow­er­lifter or a novice look­ing to buy a set of free weights, it’s impor­tant you’re wear­ing the right shoes.  Shoes for weight train­ing don’t get as much pub­lic­i­ty as, for exam­ple, good jog­ging shoes. Some peo­ple mis­tak­en­ly assume that because their feet stay firm­ly plant­ed dur­ing a lift, they don’t need to wor­ry as much about their footwear. But even though you’re not mov­ing dur­ing a set of squats or over­head press­es, for exam­ple. The shoes on your feet mat­ter as much as your run­ning or cycling shoes . We’ve explored today’s fit­ness shoe mar­ket to round up the best choic­es avail­able. We’ve not­ed the price and whether a par­tic­u­lar shoe can also be used as cross train­ers. No mat­ter what you’re hop­ing to achieve with your weight train­ing rou­tine – sculpt­ed arms, so you look bet­ter in sleeve­less dress­es, per­haps, or a stronger spine that doesn’t hurt when you sit at your desk all day – there’s a good pair of shoes out there designed to help get you there!

- Nike Metcon 7X:

best shoes for weight training This shoe is an excel­lent choice for begin­ners and expe­ri­enced weight lifters alike. It’s avail­able in a broad range of sizes and is made of long-last­ing mate­ri­als that stand up well to lots of use. The heel has been designed in a broad, flat style, which is excel­lent for help­ing you main­tain prop­er form and increas­ing sta­bil­i­ty. Parts are made of light­weight mesh fab­ric that allows your feet to breathe – an impor­tant asset when you’re sweat­ing it out doing lunges! Our only tiny com­plaint is that the colour choic­es are few, but that’s minor over­all. What mat­ters is that this shoe is designed for all weight lifters. ( Buy Nike Women’s Met­con 7 On Ama­zon — Buy Nike Met­con 7 Black Men’s Size On Ama­zon)

- Nike Romaleos 4

best shoes for weight training Anoth­er Nike we had to include in our list is this one designed for seri­ous com­peti­tors. Its wide heel slopes down toward the toe, giv­ing you tremen­dous bal­ance and sta­bil­i­ty. It has adjustable straps, so you can cus­tomize them to be per­fect across the tops of your feet. This weightlift­ing shoe keeps your feet still, enabling you to con­cen­trate on pow­er­lift­ing. If you’re seri­ous about lift­ing heavy weights, this is a seri­ous shoe that’s per­fect for you. We have to note one more thing: this shoe is not suit­ed to oth­er fit­ness train­ing types. If you like hop­ping on the tread­mill to warm up, you’ll need a dif­fer­ent shoe. ( Buy Nike Roma­le­os 4 Uni­sex-Adult Train­ing Gym­nas­tics Shoe On Ama­zon )

- Reebok Legacy Lifter II

best shoes for weight training This shoe is an excel­lent choice for you if you’re a lit­tle on the tall side. It offers a raised heel (ele­vat­ed, in fit­ness par­lance) that lends more sta­bil­i­ty when tall peo­ple exe­cute moves, espe­cial­ly squats. Squats are an impor­tant part of any low­er body rou­tine because they strength­en all your leg mus­cles and keep your spine steady. Also, you can begin learn­ing to do squats with­out weights, then add them in to increase the chal­lenge and work your arms and shoul­ders in var­i­ous moves. (For exam­ple, com­bin­ing an over­head dumb­bell press with squat tar­gets many dif­fer­ent mus­cles. How­ev­er, this is a move you should learn from an expe­ri­enced train­er). Accord­ing to the reviews we read, the Lega­cy Lifter II has one draw­back: the size can be a lit­tle off, up or down. That’s anoth­er rea­son you should shop for weight lift­ing shoes in per­son. ( Buy Reebok Men’s Lega­cy Lifter Ii Cross Train­er On Ama­zon, Buy Reebok Women’s Lega­cy Lifter Ii Cross Train­er On Ama­zon )

- Reebok Nano XI

best shoes for weight training If you’re a big Reebok fan but want a shoe that lets you do more than weightlift­ing, this is a sol­id choice for you. You can wear it while doing oth­er rou­tines, includ­ing jump­ing and run­ning short laps. The key word here is “short” — this shoe isn’t designed for long-dis­tance run­ning. But it’s durable, and the mate­r­i­al breathes well while you’re weightlift­ing. It comes in sev­er­al colours and offers good, all-around sup­port in the gym. ( Buy Reebok Uni­sex-Adult Nano X1 Cross Train­er On Ama­zon )

- Adidas Powerlift 4

best shoes for weightlifting and running This sleek shoe has a nar­row heel, so you can’t do oth­er rou­tines that include impact, like aer­o­bics or run­ning. But it’s a light­weight, durable, breath­able fab­ric and offers plen­ty of sta­bil­i­ty when lift­ing weights or doing squats and lunges. This is a great choice for those who want a shoe designed express­ly for weightlift­ing that won’t break the bank! ( Buy Adi­das Men’s Pow­er­lift 4 Weightlift­ing Shoe On Ama­zon — Buy Adi­das Women’s Pow­er­lift 4 Cross Train­er On Ama­zon )

- Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops

best shoes for weightlifting and running If you thought this pop­u­lar shoe is only for those look­ing for street cred and fash­ion bumps, think again! Review­ers say the High Top has a place in the gym when you’re weightlifting. The added ankle sup­port enhances bal­ance. The wide toe frame lets your foot spread to gain extra grip when you’re lift­ing. And the thin­ner soles let you feel your foot’s posi­tion on the floor in every stance. Remem­ber, though, this sneak­er wasn’t designed for stress­ful exer­cis­es like run­ning. If you need a shoe that absorbs impact, look else­where. But if you want to be styl­ish when lift­ing weights, the famous All-Star High Tops might be a per­fect choice. ( Buy Con­verse Women’s Chuck Tay­lor Lift All-Star High Top On Ama­zon — Buy Con­verse Uni­sex All-Star ’70s High Top On Ama­zon ) Fit, style and price are all impor­tant con­sid­er­a­tions when choos­ing train­ers. And if you’re look­ing to buy just one pair of shoes rather than sep­a­rate sets for dif­fer­ent rou­tines, the pick below is perfect!

1- New Balance Women’s Minimum Boa VI Cross Trainers

best shoes for weightlifting and running This is the ide­al shoe for you if you want to do some aer­o­bic work in the gym along with your weight train­ing rou­tine – no switch­ing shoes need­ed. It isn’t cheap, but it’s a great shoe that earns plen­ty of online praise. It’s well ven­ti­lat­ed, and that pro­motes air­flow. The heel and cush­ion­ing aid sta­bil­i­ty, so you’re steady when doing sets of squats and over­head dumb­bell lifts. And we love Blue Chill/Pale Blue Chill/Light Man­go train­er! ( Buy New Bal­ance Wom­en’s Min­imus Tr Boa V1 Cross Train­er On Ama­zon )

2- Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoe

best shoes for weightlifting and running This fit­ness shoe is designed for folks with nar­row feet, and review­ers say it lives up to its promise. Nar­row feet can pose chal­lenges to bal­ance, but this train­er fea­tures two clos­ing meth­ods – laces and straps – that let you cre­ate a snug fit. The rub­ber soles enhance trac­tion, fos­ter­ing steadi­ness and good bal­ance dur­ing your rou­tine. These shoes aren’t the least expen­sive on the mar­ket, but just like peo­ple with wide feet, you should invest in the best shoe the first time you shop. Loose shoes when you’re weightlift­ing can cause falls and sprains, so con­sid­er these before buy­ing the less expen­sive option. You’ll save mon­ey in the long run because you’ll be hap­py with your choice! ( Buy Adi­das Women’s Adipow­er Weightlift­ing Ii Cross Train­er On Ama­zonAdi­das Men’s Adipow­er Weightlift­ing II Cross Train­er On Ama­zon )

Final Thoughts

Talk to your train­er if you’re still unsure what shoes best suit­ed to your weight train­ing rou­tine. Ask what brand they wear, and get rec­om­men­da­tions from oth­er gym goers you know. While fit and func­tion are your pri­ma­ry con­cerns, style and cost aren’t irrel­e­vant. You want to look your best in the gym – we get it! — with­out emp­ty­ing your sav­ings account. Still, choos­ing the shoes that fit best, look good and are designed specif­i­cal­ly for weight train­ing is cru­cial. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly true if you’re only begin­ning to learn weight train­ing moves because you need good shoes to help you steady yourself.  Once you’ve got the right gear on your feet and a rock­ing out­fit that shows off your strong arms and legs, there will be no stop­ping you! In just a few months, you’ll be doing bicep curls with weights you nev­er before imag­ined lift­ing. There is beau­ty in strength, and it’s good for your health as well as your appear­ance. What could pos­si­bly be bet­ter than that?!

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