At Seize Your Life Today, we are pleased to pub­lish this arti­cle simul­ta­ne­ous­ly with Sakeenah Homes The arti­cle was writ­ten by Mahyn Qureshi Each night, thou­sands of Mus­lim women and chil­dren in Cana­da go through trau­mat­ic expe­ri­ences stem­ming from abuse, immi­gra­tion issues, home­less­ness, and poverty. The solu­tion to these issues is not always clear but by cre­at­ing a safe place for the women and chil­dren to reside in whilst the solu­tions are cre­at­ed, is the first step. Sakeenah Homes aim to assist the thou­sands of women and chil­dren fac­ing home­less­ness, pover­ty, and trau­ma through estab­lish­ing a net­work of shel­ter­ing projects that pro­vide a safe and nur­tur­ing environment.  Through the help of part­ners and donors, they have been able to open their doors in Bramp­ton, Toron­to, and Ottawa and assist over 5,000 women and chil­dren through­out Canada. Sakeenah Homes sets itself apart with their remote case­work. Clients who reach out do not need to stay in their shel­ters in order to receive their assistance. women homeless shelter Out­side of shel­ter, Sakeenah Homes’ ser­vices include men­tal health coun­selling, resume build­ing work­shops, obtain­ing reli­gious or sec­u­lar edu­ca­tion, finan­cial assis­tance and more.  Through estab­lish­ing a net­work of shel­ter­ing projects which pro­vide a safe and nur­tur­ing envi­ron­ment, Mus­lim women and chil­dren may be giv­en equal oppor­tu­ni­ties to excel, grow, and thrive with respect and dignity. For more infor­ma­tion, please vis­it 👉

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