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What Are The Best Prod­ucts For The Skin/body In Win­ter/Fall? There is a slight cool­ness in the evening air. Days are grow­ing short­er. Almost imper­cep­ti­bly at first, the sea­sons began shift­ing from the too-hot, wilt­ing tem­per­a­tures of late August to the com­fort­able, chill­i­er days that mark mid and late Sep­tem­ber. Yes, indeed, fall is here, and you know what that means, right? It’s time to clean out your make­up draw­er, emp­ty your purse’s make­up bag, toss your old lip­sticks and go shop­ping for fresh prod­ucts for the new season! As autumn unfolds, the needs of your skin and hair change. And so do the colours that best bring out the best in your lips, eyes and cheeks. We’re here to help you make all those choic­es, from the cleanser you need for your com­plex­ion to the rich colours and tex­tures in fall cosmetics. Good­bye sum­mer, when a quick dash of water-resis­tant mas­cara and a lit­tle sheer lip­stick did the trick for an entire day. Autumn is about deep­er hues and more com­plex lay­ers on your eyes, cheeks and brows. We’ve done a deep dive into the best-sell­ing make­up and oth­er prod­ucts now avail­able on Ama­zon. Here’s to look­ing your best as life gets back to a more struc­tured rou­tine, at home, at the office, and at all the social events you’ve got planned for the com­ing months.

- Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

what are the best products for my skin in winter Before you begin try­ing new eye shad­ow and face foun­da­tion, you need a clean face. This foamy clay mask is an excel­lent cleans­ing prod­uct for even sen­si­tive skin. And it’s fun! After apply­ing it, it bub­bles up, and you can almost feel it going deep into pores to get them clean and work­ing to rid your skin of black­heads and oth­er blemishes. This mask leaves your skin glow­ing and fresh – a ready can­vass for the best in new make­up products.  Click here to buy Eliza­vec­ca Milky Pig­gy Car­bon­at­ed Bub­ble Clay Mask on Ama­zon.

- Physicians Formula Plump Potion Needle-Free Lip Plumping

what are the best products for my skin in winter The name says it all, real­ly, but this is an excel­lent prod­uct for min­i­miz­ing those fine lines around your mouth. Its secret is hyaluron­ic acid, an ingre­di­ent that gives your lips a plump appeal with­out turn­ing to fillers like Botox.  Click here to buy Physi­cians For­mu­la Plump Potion Nee­dle-Free Lip Plump­ing on Ama­zon.

- Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation Makeup

This foun­da­tion gets raves from users who say it glides on eas­i­ly and blends smooth­ly with oth­er prod­ucts (like con­ceal­er). There are a num­ber of shades avail­able, each one suit­ed to a dif­fer­ent skin tone. It’s gen­tle and wash­es off easily.  Click here to buy May­belline New York Fit Me Mat­te & Pore­less Foun­da­tion on Ama­zon.

- CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

This is a prod­uct you’ll want to smooth over your face and neck as soon as you’ve washed off your make­up and are ready for bed. It eas­es fine lines and wrin­kles and is very gen­tle even on the most sen­si­tive skin. Brim­ming with hyaluron­ic acid, it makes your face and body soft and youthful.  Click here to buy Cer­aVe Mois­tur­iz­ing Cream on Ama­zon.

- NYX Micro Brow Pencil

If you’ve got lit­tle gaps and wispy sec­tions in your brows, this is the pen­cil for you. The appli­ca­tor is excel­lent – it lets you draw a fine line and fill in any bare spots in your brows.  Click here to buy NYX Micro Brow Pen­cil on Ama­zon.

- Revlon Lip Gloss

Known by con­sumers far and wide as “The Gloss”, this prod­uct makes your lips feel sleek and look shiny and, well, glossy! Users rave about it online, say­ing The Gloss gives lip fillers a run for their mon­ey! That’s say­ing a lot. A bonus: this prod­uct comes in 11 colours. Click here to buy Revlon Lip Gloss on Ama­zon.

- E.l.f. Putty Blush

With this prod­uct, you can make your cheeks as bold and sassy or as sub­dued and sub­tle as you like. The blush comes in lots of shades, from ter­ra­cot­ta to bright pink, so there’s the right one for every skin­tone.  (This com­pa­ny also sells excel­lent blush appli­ca­tion brushes.) Click here to buy E.l.f. Put­ty Blush on Ama­zon.

- Maybelline Mascara

It’s the wand that works the mag­ic in this mas­cara, curl­ing your lash­es while it deep­ens the colour and makes your eyes a focal point. Avail­able in five colours, this mas­cara is smudge resis­tant but comes off with a lit­tle soap and water or make­up remover.  Click here to buy May­belline Mas­cara on Ama­zon.

- Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick

This lip­stick comes in a berry hue that gives your lips a long-last­ing hit of colour. It isn’t heavy or goth – it sim­ply lends a burst of colour that makes your smile daz­zling all day. The berry shade com­pli­ments a vari­ety of eye shad­ow colours.  Click here to buy Clin­ique Black Hon­ey Almost Lip­stick on Ama­zon.

- L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24-Hour Fresh Wear Powder Foundation

This light prod­uct pats on smooth­ly, giv­ing you good cov­er­age with­out the weight some liq­uid foun­da­tions have. Online reviews rave about this pro­duc­t’s abil­i­ty to last all day, even in windy, smog­gy out­door con­di­tions. The per­fect prod­uct for light coverage. Click here to buy L’O­re­al Paris Infal­li­ble 24-Hour Fresh Wear Pow­der Foun­da­tion on Ama­zon.

- Wet N’ Wild Mega Glo Concealer & Contour Stick

what are the best products for my skin in winter Whether you’re look­ing for a way to cov­er dark cir­cles on Mon­day morn­ing or you want to exper­i­ment with con­tour­ing, this is the prod­uct for you. Users give it five stars and note it spreads even­ly, blend­ing well with foun­da­tion and pow­der. The stick is avail­able in a vari­ety of colours, so there is sure to be one suit­able to your skin tone.  Click here to buy Wet N’ Wild Mega Glo Con­ceal­er & Con­tour Stick on Ama­zon.

- Rimmel London Wonder Full Brow Gel Precision Brush

what are the best products for the skin in winter and fall This tool soft­ens brows, help­ing you man­age unruly hairs and fill in small gaps in your brow lines. If you’ve been strug­gling to define your eye­brows prop­er­ly, this is the tool and prod­uct for you!  Click here to buy Rim­mel Lon­don Won­der Full Brow Gel Pre­ci­sion Brush on Ama­zon.

- Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner

what are the best products for my skin in winter Do you like the stand-out look kohl gives your eyes? Do you love it when you focus on your baby blues? (Or greens, or browns, or…) This inex­pen­sive eye­lin­er is just the tick­et for giv­ing you those bold peep­ers. It’s avail­able in an array of colours. Click here to buy Annabelle Kohl’s Eye­lin­er on Ama­zon.

- Marcelle Kohl Eyeliner

Mar­celle also makes an excel­lent kohl eye­lin­er and comes in shades rang­ing from pitch black to dark blue to a sub­tle tan hue. The pen­cil is designed for easy appli­ca­tion, and the kohl comes off with­out a hitch at the end of a busy day. Click here to buy Mar­celle Kohl’s Eye­lin­er on Ama­zon.

- Ucanbe 40 Colours Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette

what are the best products for the skin in winter and fall If you’re look­ing for a vari­ety of shades that can take you every­where, from the office to a cock­tail par­ty to din­ner at your boss’s house, this kit from Ucanbe is the ide­al source of a huge array of colours. There are spark­ly shades for when you’re head­ing out danc­ing. There are sub­tle shades when you want to look all busi­ness for a hec­tic day at the office. And some shades are just pure fun – like a twinkly blue that’s per­fect when you’re feel­ing cheer­ful and head­ing out for a Sat­ur­day after­noon picnic. This colour palette has some­thing for every occa­sion in one place. No more root­ing around in five or more cas­es stuck down in your make­up drawer.  Click here to buy Ucanbe 40 Colours Spot­light Eye Shad­ow Palette on Ama­zon.

- Rimmel London Lasting Lipstick

what are the best products for the skin in winter and fall The trend toward long-last­ing lip­sticks that won’t wear off the first time you blot your lips at lunch has, thank heav­ens, proven a winner! Many cos­met­ic com­pa­nies now offer lip­sticks that wear real­ly well, and this prod­uct by Rim­mel is one of the finest. It gives you an intense burst of colour and lasts for up to eight hours. Avail­able in sev­er­al shades – some called “Extreme”. Click here to buy Rim­mel Lon­don Last­ing Lip­stick on Ama­zon.

- Opi Nail Envy Strengthener

what are the best products for my skin in winter Okay, so tech­ni­cal­ly speak­ing, nail pol­ish isn’t make­up, but we could­n’t resist includ­ing this prod­uct. After all, beau­ti­ful nails are the top­per of any look, right? Once your face and hair are done to per­fec­tion, your atten­tion turns to your hands – and your nails speak vol­umes about your style and look. This is not a nail pol­ish in the strict sense. It has been designed to nour­ish your nails with cal­ci­um and wheat pro­tein, so they look great when man­i­cured and pol­ished. It comes in the orig­i­nal cream colour or a gen­tle, blush tone called “bub­ble bath. Both hues are sub­tle and love­ly! And Opi Nail Envy is an “Ama­zon’s pick,” mean­ing it has thou­sands of five-star reviews, is rea­son­ably priced, and is ready to be shipped the moment you click on your shop­ping cart icon. If you wish your nails looked bet­ter – few­er chips, no tears – this is the prod­uct to get you there!  Click here to buy Opi Nail Envy Strength­en­er on Ama­zon.

Wrapping Up

The prod­ucts we’ve list­ed here are all avail­able on Ama­zon right now, ready to help you update your look for fall. Choos­ing a new lip­stick, try­ing a dif­fer­ent colour on your eye­lids and per­haps exper­i­ment­ing with kohl are all great ways to get into the swing of the fall fash­ion and style season.
Let us know which prod­ucts you try and which colours and tex­tures you like best. And if you have a favourite cos­met­ic we haven’t men­tioned – a lip­stick that nev­er fails you, per­haps, or a cher­ished mois­tur­iz­er — be sure to let us know. All of us here at Seize Your Life Today love hear­ing from our sub­scribers, so don’t hes­i­tate to reach out and let us know how we’re doing on the make­up and beau­ty beat!  

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