What Are The Ben­e­fits Of Drink­ing a Lot Of Water?

We all know that the health ben­e­fit of water is essen­tial to our body and our beau­ty as well, but life is busy, and some­times we even for­get to drink water!

Drink­ing enough water every day can be the answer to your biggest beau­ty prob­lems. We’re talk­ing about dull skin, thin­ning hair, and brit­tle nails. So it is worth it!


If you need a Beauty Boost? Go & grab a glass of water!

what are the benefits of drinking a lot of water

Water is the king of our body; it is almost 70% of our body com­po­si­tion and is essen­tial for the healthy and smooth func­tion­ing of all organs.

So, How Much Water Is Enough?… dieti­tians say The aver­age per­son requires 48 to 64 ounces (or 6 to 8 cups) of flu­ids per day. And if you don’t love the taste of plain water and strug­gle to con­sume the prop­er amount, you can buy some sachets of con­cen­trat­ed flavoured pow­der. They come with 10 calo­ries per sachet, which is enough for more than 500 ml and with dif­fer­ent deli­cious tastes, you can always find them on Ama­zon.

Also, you can add some rose water to your drink­ing water as well; it will change the taste, and it con­tains var­i­ous vit­a­mins: A, C, E, and B, and it’s espe­cial­ly great for depres­sion as well as for those with sore throats.

Health & Beauty Benefits Of Water

1. It Clears The Complexion & Works As The Best Anti-Ageing

what are the benefits of drinking a lot of water

Drink­ing plen­ty of water is the eas­i­est way to get clear and glow­ing skin. Blem­ish­es or dark patch­es are usu­al­ly caused due to the accu­mu­la­tion of tox­ins in the body. Water can help remove these unwant­ed tox­ins from the body. Reg­u­lar bow­el move­ments also help in achiev­ing clean and clear skin. Drink­ing water on an emp­ty stom­ach can help in speed­ing up the process.

Water hydrates and replen­ish­es the skin tis­sues lead­ing to an increase in the skin’s elas­tic­i­ty. That helps delay the signs of age­ing, such as wrin­kles, dark cir­cles or fine lines.

2. Prevent Headache & Migraine Attacks

One of the pri­ma­ry rea­sons peo­ple suf­fer from fre­quent headaches and migraine attacks is due to the lack of water in the body. Dehy­dra­tion is the root cause of prob­lems, and drink­ing water at reg­u­lar inter­vals, espe­cial­ly on an emp­ty stom­ach, can help get rid of headaches naturally. 

3. Boosting Your Energy

If you feel sleepy or slug­gish, drink­ing water on an emp­ty stom­ach can make you feel active instant­ly. It stim­u­lates the red blood cells to grow faster, which results in more oxy­gen and energy.

4. Clean The Colon

Drink­ing a glass of water on an emp­ty stom­ach can help get rid of the accu­mu­lat­ed sludge and enables faster absorp­tion of nutri­ents. That results in a health­i­er colon and an over­all healthy body.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water l benefits of drinking water l does water help you lose weight

The Japan­ese were the first to intro­duce water ther­a­py to the world, and they fol­lowed it very strict­ly. They drink water imme­di­ate­ly after wak­ing up, and this ther­a­py has been focused on in lots of stud­ies as well. So, What Is Japan­ese Water Therapy?

There are 3 Things that Japanese Water Therapy Suggests you should do

1- As soon as you wake up in the morn­ing, drink four to six glass­es (each of 160–200 mil­li­l­itres) of water on an emp­ty stom­ach. (If you are unable to drink all four glass­es of water in one go, wait for a cou­ple of min­utes between each glass of water to give your stom­ach a break)

2- Avoid eat­ing or drink­ing any­thing for at least 45 min­utes, after which you can con­tin­ue with your dai­ly rou­tine and start to have your break­fast or morn­ing snack.

3- After your reg­u­lar meals, do not drink any­thing for two hours. Then, drink a litre of water again.

Old­er peo­ple and those who are suf­fer­ing from any seri­ous health con­di­tion should begin the ther­a­py with one glass of water every day and grad­u­al­ly increase the num­ber of glasses.

The Japan­ese the­o­ry states that it would help you keep away many dis­eases, and you can notice new ener­gy and fresh­ness with­in a few days. Japan­ese water ther­a­py helps relieve stress, pro­motes weight loss and ensures a strong diges­tive sys­tem. Most of all, it keeps you ener­getic through­out the day.

Water ther­a­py has the pow­er to heal blood pres­sure, gas­tri­tis, con­sti­pa­tion, and dia­betes with no side effects at all.

5. Help In Weight Loss

what are the benefits of drinking a lot of water l benefits of drinking water l does water help you lose weight

Drink­ing more water while on a diet can help you lose weight fast, as water has no calo­ries at all, and drink­ing it at fre­quent inter­vals will help in keep­ing your stom­ach full. Also, it has no neg­a­tive con­se­quences. Since drink­ing a lot of water helps in speed­ing up the metab­o­lism, it helps in burn­ing calo­ries faster.

6. Boosting Your Immunity

We are now aware of the fact that water is essen­tial for our over­all health and well­ness. What we also need to know is that water is nec­es­sary to main­tain flu­id bal­ance in the body. Mak­ing it a habit of drink­ing water reg­u­lar­ly on an emp­ty stom­ach can prove to be ben­e­fi­cial for our immune sys­tem. That can help you fight off infec­tions.


Drink­ing water will give you bet­ter-look­ing skin; you have to under­stand that the appear­ance of your skin will not improve overnight. Instead, you will have to com­mit to drink­ing more water and notice the changes over a while.

I hope this arti­cle can work with every­one to have the advan­tage of drink­ing the right amount of water our bod­ies need!


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