Over the last sevĀ­en years, influĀ­encer marĀ­ketĀ­ing has grown into a multiĀ­bilĀ­lion-dolĀ­lar indusĀ­try, with large and small brands comĀ­ing to view the pracĀ­tice as a less clumĀ­sy way to sell their products. For brands, we can all agree that itā€™s increasĀ­ingĀ­ly chalĀ­lengĀ­ing to get your brand noticed. FindĀ­ing your online tribe and genĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ing trust can feel like an imposĀ­siĀ­ble misĀ­sion. This is where InfluĀ­encer MarĀ­ketĀ­ing comes in. It is an effecĀ­tive way to grow your brand awareĀ­ness. InfluĀ­encer MarĀ­ketĀ­ing enables them to build a tribe of brand advoĀ­cates, estabĀ­lish trust, increasĀ­es brand awareĀ­ness, and helps your SEO by genĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ing backĀ­links to your website.

Unstoppable Growth

In the earĀ­ly days, brands used to send an influĀ­encer free prodĀ­uct or offered to pay them a comĀ­misĀ­sion for their consideration. But as more and more brands came to see the pracĀ­tice as an invaluĀ­able marĀ­ketĀ­ing tool, the powĀ­er balĀ­ance turned over, and influĀ­encers began to comĀ­mand sigĀ­nifĀ­iĀ­cantĀ­ly highĀ­er fees for each post, menĀ­tion, or prodĀ­uct review. Today, you can see influĀ­encers are all over social media platĀ­forms like InstaĀ­gram, YouTube, Twitch, TikĀ­Tok, Snapchat, and Tumblr.  SponĀ­sored conĀ­tent has become so uniĀ­verĀ­sal that some platĀ­forms, like InstaĀ­gram, now have built-in tools to help influĀ­encers proĀ­mote their paid partĀ­nerĀ­ships in StoĀ­ries or feed posts. On YouTube and InstaĀ­gram, prodĀ­uct review deals are now stanĀ­dard. They are the use of affilĀ­iĀ­ate marĀ­ketĀ­ing links and sponĀ­sored coupon codes.  BlogĀ­gers charge $100 to $2,500+ per post with ampliĀ­fiĀ­caĀ­tion on social chanĀ­nels (re-postĀ­ing the conĀ­tent across othĀ­er social platforms). PopĀ­uĀ­lar YouTuĀ­ber Sanders Kennedy said that a brand once offered him a couĀ­ple of thouĀ­sand dolĀ­lars to put a bevĀ­erĀ­age on his desk while filmĀ­ing a video. YouTube is way more expenĀ­sive. A video from a YouTuĀ­ber with 2 milĀ­lion subĀ­scribers will cost at least $30,000. InfluĀ­encers charge up to $5,000 to $20,000 more to post a negĀ­aĀ­tive review of a companyā€™s competitor. The old days when TV comĀ­merĀ­cials used to be the most effecĀ­tive marĀ­ketĀ­ing tool are gone. These days, we face a new marĀ­ketĀ­ing era, where influĀ­encers are comĀ­mandĀ­ing a new marĀ­ketĀ­ing strategy.  For brands, ColĀ­labĀ­oĀ­ratĀ­ing with an influĀ­encer who has a fan base of loyĀ­al folĀ­lowĀ­ers relĀ­eĀ­vant to a prodĀ­uct has proven sucĀ­cessĀ­ful results. More and more world brands turn to influĀ­encers to proĀ­mote and shout out their products. And the answer to that high-demand field is that folĀ­lowĀ­ers treat their influĀ­encers like close friends.  When a famous influĀ­encer starts using some prodĀ­uct or talkĀ­ing about one, thouĀ­sands of folĀ­lowĀ­ers are ready to try the prodĀ­uct themĀ­selves. That is why weā€™ve decidĀ­ed to introĀ­duce 10 ToronĀ­to-based influĀ­encers to folĀ­low in 2020, for you to check out their proĀ­files and have a look at their InstaĀ­gram splash!

Building A Brand From Scratch

Some influĀ­encers have takĀ­en colĀ­labĀ­oĀ­raĀ­tion to an absoluteĀ­ly new levĀ­el. Instead of only workĀ­ing with brands, they have become their brand. They are launchĀ­ing makeĀ­up, clothĀ­ing brands, busiĀ­ness books, podĀ­casts, videos, and more. The list is long, but we have menĀ­tioned here just two that realĀ­ly inspired us with their stoĀ­ries that would catch big dreamĀ­ersā€™ eyes!

- Jennifer Lopez

Actor, singer, film & teleĀ­viĀ­sion proĀ­ducĀ­er, fashĀ­ion designĀ­er, bestĀ­selling author, and entreĀ­preĀ­neur, in short, she is a packĀ­age with all the talĀ­ents availĀ­able in this world. JenĀ­nifer Lopez has recentĀ­ly launched her JLo BeauĀ­ty brand. JLo BeauĀ­ty launched six skin-care prodĀ­ucts ā€” includĀ­ing a cleanser, moisĀ­turĀ­izĀ­er, face mask, eye cream and serum. She has more than 200 milĀ­lion folĀ­lowĀ­ers on InstaĀ­gram and FaceĀ­book. She is very much active on her social media handles.

- Bobby Umar

BobĀ­by Umar is a proĀ­lifĀ­ic busiĀ­ness coach, presĀ­iĀ­dent of RaealĀ­lan, and founder of DisĀ­covĀ­er Your PerĀ­sonĀ­al Brandā€¦ Umar is a four-time TEDx speakĀ­er and has more than 450,000 social media folĀ­lowĀ­ers. He has been named the secĀ­ond-best busiĀ­ness coach to folĀ­low on TwitĀ­ter and the fourth-best leadĀ­erĀ­ship influencer. Umar is the author of three books, includĀ­ing a numĀ­ber one bestĀ­seller. He hosts a weekĀ­ly tweet chat called ā€œThe PowĀ­er of ConĀ­necĀ­tionā€ that has reached over 65 milĀ­lion impresĀ­sions weekĀ­ly. His social media influĀ­ence has gathĀ­ered over a bilĀ­lion impresĀ­sions. As a speakĀ­er, Umar is known for his helpĀ­fulĀ­ness, authenĀ­ticĀ­iĀ­ty, and down-to-earth approach.

Wrapping Up

Itā€™s worth sayĀ­ing that influĀ­encer marĀ­ketĀ­ing camĀ­paigns are now flourĀ­ishĀ­ing. And no one knows what kind of new strateĀ­gies the digĀ­iĀ­tal world has preĀ­pared for us. If you are a newĀ­bie influĀ­encer or wantĀ­ed to be, go ahead, and do your research to get into that future splash. For brands, you need to find your excepĀ­tionĀ­al style in this marĀ­ketĀ­ing camĀ­paign. Always think like your cusĀ­tomer, and always rememĀ­ber, thereā€™s no guarĀ­anĀ­tee that the same idea will work for your brand as well.  Still, the essenĀ­tials are workĀ­ing for you are here; find the influĀ­encers, look out for your brandĀ­ing speakĀ­er who is sure to impress. Book one whose backĀ­ground aligns with your needs and learn how to make your stoĀ­ry shine. Think your adverĀ­tisĀ­ing camĀ­paign through, make it unique and enjoy the results!

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