How To Get My Kid Inter­est­ed In Art? If your child is nat­u­ral­ly gift­ed in the arts area then this arti­cle is not for you! Some kids need a bit of a push into the art scene to start enjoy­ing it. How­ev­er, I believe that every child is cre­ative, just like every adult is as well. We just have to learn more about it and teach our­selves to stick with it even when it gets difficult.

Art is Fun

how to get my kid interested in art As stat­ed above, I believe most chil­dren are born with cre­ativ­i­ty. Once they go from baby to tod­dler, this is when they can jump in with the arts. Col­or­ing is a basic way to get your kid­do excit­ed about art. Col­or with them and show them each col­or and say it out loud to help them try to say it too. After col­or­ing, work on a paint­ing or oth­er medi­ums with your kid­do. Work togeth­er on these too. The only thing more excit­ing than art is when you get to make art with oth­ers. If you show inter­est in being cre­ative, then your child will fol­low you. There are tons of crafts that you can com­plete all it takes is a quick search online.  Addi­tion­al­ly, if you want to get them even more involved, you can sign them up for some cre­ative class­es. It’s impor­tant to under­stand cer­tain aspects of art as well, and you can instill these while they are young. Take them to muse­ums, talk about archi­tec­ture, and point out excit­ing col­ors and cre­ations you see on the streets. Art is everyone. 

Performing Arts

How many times have you heard a kid belt out a song that they heard on the radio? Or make a face or say a line that is straight from their favorite movie? You would prob­a­bly answer “all the time.” Chil­dren love imi­tat­ing, and they do this with every­thing they watch, whether it’s tv peo­ple or real-life people. Some­times I think my child is so dra­mat­ic she should become a child actor. But some kids are meant for the screen. If your kid has a nat­ur­al draw to per­form­ing, nur­ture that to the very end. This is how kids devel­op their pas­sions. Let them sing; get them a karaoke machine. Let them act, play dress-up with them and act out scenes. Cre­ative chil­dren are more empa­thet­ic and tend to have more under­stand­ing and less fear of new or abstract ideas, thoughts, or objects. There are only ben­e­fits to allow­ing your child to express them­selves in these pos­i­tive and cre­ative ways. Even for the kids that are come­di­ans, don’t dis­cour­age them unless they are being mean. Many par­ents still believe that it’s not okay to be sil­ly, but it is part of being a cre­ative kid.

Simple and Extraordinary

how to get my kid interested in art The best thing about being cre­ative is that it is sub­jec­tive. What one per­son may find inspir­ing, bold, or excit­ing may be bor­ing or unpleas­ant to anoth­er. Art is sup­posed to make us feel things, even if they aren’t great feel­ings. This is why it is so impor­tant for kids. Some­times they have feel­ings they don’t under­stand, and they need to be expressed. If your child wants to scrib­ble black crayons on 10 pages, maybe that’s what they need to do to express them­selves. As they grow, they will pick what arts inter­est them the most. They will steer them­selves towards either visu­al arts, per­form­ing arts, or lit­er­a­ture. Don’t for­get, read­ing and writ­ing are con­sid­ered art as well.  The best part of it all is that it is per­son­al to them. Every­thing that some­one makes is a reflec­tion of who they are, and they put a piece of them in every­thing they make. As a par­ent, it’s impor­tant to under­stand that. It’s impor­tant to see art in a way that rep­re­sents someone’s sto­ry. Teach your chil­dren this as well, and they will crave to make some­thing of their own.

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