How To Get a Pri­vate Screen­ing Of a Movie? One of the tem­po­rary casu­al­ties of the pan­dem­ic was the local cin­e­mas. Dur­ing clo­sures, our com­mu­ni­ty cin­e­mas had to pause screen­ings in order to stop the spread. But now they’re back and in a big way. Cin­e­mas every­where are flour­ish­ing again. And peo­ple are lin­ing up in droves to see every­thing from block­busters, like Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Mav­er­ick, to rom­coms – George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Tick­et To Par­adise, any­one? That film had audi­ences laugh­ing with joy, and not just because two of their favourite stars were togeth­er again on the big screen this past fall. Peo­ple were thrilled to be once again going out, on a roman­tic date or with the fam­i­ly, buy­ing pop­corn and oth­er good­ies and just enjoy­ing a good movie on a large screen. Watch­ing movies is one of the world’s favourite pas­times, and get­ting out and see­ing a film that’s sure to be talked about at the office Mon­day morn­ing is a great way to engage in pop culture. That does­n’t mean, how­ev­er, that every­one wants to gath­er in a big, crowd­ed the­atre and watch a movie with dozens of oth­ers. Some folks are still reluc­tant to do that, if for no oth­er rea­son than cold and flu sea­son is upon us. But what if you could com­bine the joys of watch­ing a movie on a big screen with the joy of sit­ting with just a few spe­cial peo­ple in the cinema? You can! Rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen for a night, whether you want to take a spe­cial some­one out for a date or you want to treat the fam­i­ly to a movie best enjoyed on a big screen, is real­ly easy to arrange nowa­days. There are sev­er­al ways you can book a cin­e­ma screen, so con­tin­ue read­ing to find out the next steps. We here at did the dig­ging for you, so all you have to do is fig­ure out which steps to fol­low in your town or city. And rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen does­n’t have to cost a lot, depend­ing on when you book. Look up the movie cin­e­mas in your com­mu­ni­ty, and get ready to pass the pop­corn on movie night!

- Cinema Chains Have Been Renting Screens For Some Time Now

Dur­ing the pan­dem­ic, a light bulb went on in the heads of movie chain exec­u­tives. How could they offer their val­ued cus­tomers movie night while ensur­ing their safe­ty from COVID-19 and oth­er ill­ness­es? Let them rent a cin­e­ma screen for their per­son­al view­ing, that’s how. Of course, this ser­vice was on offer for sev­er­al years pri­or to the pan­dem­ic, but it became huge­ly pop­u­lar dur­ing those dif­fi­cult two years. Fam­i­lies want­ed to get out of the house but stay safe, and there was no bet­ter way to do that than book­ing a cin­e­ma screen at the local mul­ti­plex and head­ing out. It is an excel­lent activ­i­ty for young and old alike.

- Is This an Expensive Outing For Families?

Rates around the coun­try vary, depend­ing on your loca­tion. But if cost is an issue, con­sid­er tak­ing the whole fam­i­ly and per­haps a small group of friends to your pri­vate screen­ing. Shar­ing the costs of rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen helps cut down on expens­es. Some movie hous­es ask that you buy a min­i­mum amount of food and drinks, but this pol­i­cy varies depend­ing on the cinema. Every pri­vate cin­e­ma rental is dif­fer­ent, so be sure to read all the con­tent on the online book­ing sheet before final­iz­ing the date and sub­mit­ting your pay­ment. Costs range wide­ly, but if a bunch of friends and fam­i­ly share expens­es, it becomes bud­get-friend­ly. You’ll find that the cost of rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen starts, depend­ing on your loca­tion, around $175 (USD) and increas­es from there.

- The Couple’s Cinema Makes For a Memorable Date Night

how to get a private screening of a movie Imag­ine cel­e­brat­ing your spouse by screen­ing their favourite movie on a big, pri­vate screen with ter­rif­ic audio. Rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen is not ter­ri­bly expen­sive, par­tic­u­lar­ly if you com­pare this to an evening meal at a fine restau­rant. And you can ensure a movie your part­ner loves – a clas­sic, per­haps? A new­ly released film with lots of Oscar buzz, maybe? — is up and run­ning as soon as you’re com­fy in your chairs. There is some­thing espe­cial­ly roman­tic about rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen for just the two of you, whether it’s for your anniver­sary or just your reg­u­lar month­ly date night. Whether you want to cel­e­brate a spe­cial anniver­sary by going to the movies, or set the per­fect tone for a fab­u­lous pro­pos­al date, book­ing a pri­vate cou­ples cin­e­ma screen is an ide­al way to treat your spe­cial someone. Just imag­ine hav­ing all the audi­ence seats to your­selves! This out­ing com­bines the best of all pos­si­ble worlds – pri­va­cy and enter­tain­ment, and fun – what could be bet­ter for a dreamy pro­pos­al date or a mem­o­rable way to mark 10 years together?!

- Renting a Cinema Screen Isn’t Difficult

All the major cin­e­ma chains have online book­ing forms. Sim­ply look them up and peruse the infor­ma­tion that applies to your par­tic­u­lar loca­tion. Then fill out the forms, choose your pay­ment option, and voila! A pri­vate movie screen is yours for the booking.

- How Many Guests Can You Invite?

Well, that depends on where and when you’re plan­ning to book your pri­vate cin­e­ma screen­ing. Most cin­e­mas let you rent a screen for as many as 20 or 30 peo­ple or as few as two. There are dif­fer­ent guide­lines on this around the coun­try. Still, once you’re at the pri­vate cin­e­ma rental page on the movie chain’s web­site, you’ll eas­i­ly find the guide­lines on occu­pan­cy numbers. If you’re hop­ing to book a pri­vate screen­ing of a huge­ly pop­u­lar movie, it’s best to make your reser­va­tion well in advance. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly true if you’re rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen around an impor­tant hol­i­day. Rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen is an ide­al way to treat fam­i­ly, friends, and even neigh­bours to a night they won’t for­get. Just be sure to check the num­ber of peo­ple allowed to your pri­vate cin­e­ma screen event so no one is disappointed.

- Are You Allowed To Bring Food From Home?

The answer is: some­times. When rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen, there are spe­cif­ic rules (at most cin­e­mas) that apply to what food you’re allowed to bring with you. For exam­ple, you can’t bring in any­thing that needs a heat­ing ele­ment to be pre­pared, which is why you’re not allowed to bring in your own pop­corn. (But let’s be hon­est: movie the­atre pop­corn is way bet­ter, right?) Oth­er snacks are allowed, but the list varies between com­pa­nies and spe­cif­ic loca­tions. This is one of those items you should be sure to dou­ble-check when you’re rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen. And remem­ber: snack bars are open dur­ing pri­vate cin­e­ma screen rentals, so it may be more con­ve­nient to choose your good­ies there.

- What Are The Guidelines For Arrival & Departure Times?

Most cin­e­mas allow a group (or cou­ple) to arrive 15 min­utes ahead of the pri­vate screen­ing. After the end cred­its roll, you’re giv­en time to gath­er your things, bun­dle up the chil­dren and head out – no one is going to hur­ry you along. Remem­ber, the cin­e­ma knows you’ve spent mon­ey to make this mem­o­rable expe­ri­ence hap­pen, and they want you to have a great time. No one is going to rush you out!

- Do We Have To Wear Masks?

Masks are not manda­to­ry any­where now, but since it’s cold and flu sea­son, you may want to con­sid­er wear­ing one while enter­ing and exit­ing the cin­e­ma. How­ev­er, this is entire­ly your call, and while it may be rec­om­mend­ed in your com­mu­ni­ty, masks are not required in cin­e­mas or oth­er pub­lic spaces anymore.

In Summary

Rent­ing a pri­vate cin­e­ma screen is a won­der­ful, unique way to treat your fam­i­ly and friends to a great night out. It’s not some­thing you would do every week, or even every month, per­haps, but that’s pre­cise­ly what makes it so unique. And once you agree on a movie to screen and the snacks you want to treat your­selves to, all you have to do is set­tle in, sit back, and let the enter­tain­ment take you away! The hol­i­days are right around the cor­ner, and there are many sea­son­al titles to choose from at cin­e­mas. Con­sid­er a mod­ern clas­sic like Love, Actu­al­ly, on the big screen or an old favourite like It’s A Won­der­ful Life. If you’re anx­ious for a break from the busy­ness of this time of year, grab your sweet­ie and steal away for a pri­vate “cou­ples cin­e­ma” screen­ing of a cher­ished roman­tic com­e­dy or dra­mat­ic award-win­ning film. Or take the fam­i­ly to a much-loved chil­dren’s clas­sic. No mat­ter when you book this spe­cial out­ing, whomev­er you take is sure to be grate­ful to you for orga­niz­ing such a mem­o­rable experience!

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