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How Much Mon­ey Do You Make On Teachable? Have you ever heard of Teachable.com before, the web­site where you cre­ate and sell your very own online courses? Say, for instance, you are a blog­ger or a non-fic­tion writer – then you will find that cre­at­ing your online course is an excel­lent way of build­ing and increas­ing income for yourself.

Let’s Look More Closely At What Teachable.com Is All About

So what is Teachable.com? Well, it’s a learn­ing man­age­ment sys­tem provider for online edu­ca­tors, cre­ators, or bloggers. It’s for those who want to cre­ate their cours­es and sell them. It’s an inter­est­ing, excit­ing web­site where you take your skill, what­ev­er it is, or if you have some amaz­ing knowl­edge wor­thy of craft­ing a course for peo­ple, and then you teach them about it. And by doing this, you make your­self some prof­itable mon­ey.

How Much Money Do You Make On Teachable?

It varies wide­ly. Your course could earn any­where from $0 – $40k+ per month. It all depends on your con­tent and mar­ket­ing strategy. Many course cre­ators will earn $10 – 5k/month, and there are numer­ous exam­ples of online course teach­ers earn­ing $10k – $50k per month. If you do want to join, let’s take a look at what is on offer. Look at their land­ing page first. The web­site says Teach­able is a place to cre­ate and sell beau­ti­ful online courses. They tell you that your skills are unique and valu­able for oth­er learn­ers to ben­e­fit from, enabling you to build a great course web­site. You share your knowl­edge and get reward­ed for it. To make use of this site, the first thing you need to have is some mar­ketable skill or knowl­edge. If you don’t have a spe­cial skill, you might need to edu­cate your­self before you are able or ready to make mon­ey on the site. Most peo­ple do have some skills. Nat­u­ral­ly, peo­ple who are excel­lent mar­keters, those with a grow­ing social media pres­ence to start with, would more like­ly have the upper hand as far as sell­ing cours­es is concerned. If you have the knowl­edge and the means to cre­ate and mar­ket an online course of some kind, this web­site can ben­e­fit you, giv­ing you a plat­form to work from.

Check These Facts Out About Teachable.com

  • Can you believe that over 7 mil­lion stu­dents learn on this site at any giv­en time?
  • There are also over 34,000 active cours­es on the site, which over 22,000 active instruc­tors have designed.
  • Over $100 mil­lion had already been earned on the site by instruc­tors on Teachable.com. That’s a whole lot of money!

Do You Want a Piece Of This Pie?

  • Well, to get start­ed, it’s not that hard. All you need to do is cre­ate your page and start design­ing the cours­es you have the skills in. An infor­ma­tive video is on-site to help new users under­stand how Teachable.com works, which you can access from the land­ing page. But for your land­ing page, you can design it like a lot of the oth­er land­ing-type pages. You won’t get a heap of ver­sa­til­i­ty if you were using things like Ele­men­tor or Thrive, but you can still use Teach­able Builder to cus­tomize your land­ing page, using some basic lay­outs and colours.
  • Users of your page will pay you for your cours­es. The cours­es will con­sist of some lessons that all go togeth­er to make a full course. The users would gain access to all the course mate­ri­als to be able to learn at their own pace. You will notice that you will do a lot of ‘click­ing’ and ‘drag­ging,’ some­thing like using Wix.com or Word­Press to build your page.

We Know You Are Dying To Know How Much You Can Earn On Teachable.com!

How Much Money Do You Make On Teachable l how to create your course online l create online course l teach online l how to teach online To get start­ed on Teachable.com is free. But you will soon find out that there is not much to be done on the site before you buy your sub­scrip­tion. Look at the Teach­able price plans to see which suits you:

Teachable Basic

For $39 per month, you will get the basic pack­age. The com­pa­ny will charge you a 5% trans­ac­tion fee. They also give you ben­e­fits, such as month­ly pay-outs, unlim­it­ed cours­es, unlim­it­ed video, unlim­it­ed stu­dents, basic quizzes, unlim­it­ed host­ing, no fees on free cours­es, etc. All this is sup­plied on the larg­er plans and more, so 5% isn’t bad for a $39/month fee. The basic course is suit­able for those who are cre­at­ing an online course for the first time, and this price makes it afford­able for them.

Teachable Professional

The Teach­able Pro­fes­sion­al pack­age will cost you $99 per month. You get all the ben­e­fits of the Basic pack­age plus a cou­ple of oth­er things, such as:
  • Instant pay­outs
  • No trans­ac­tion fees
  • Advanced reports
  • A school or unbrand­ed web­site that you will be able to cus­tomize with your branding
  • Live chat
Peo­ple choose this plan usu­al­ly if they have cre­at­ed and sold their first online course and earn more than the month­ly fee.

Teachable Business Plan

That is the most expen­sive pack­age. It costs $499 per month, and it includes all the above ben­e­fits of the first 2 pack­ages plus oth­er things such as:
  • 100 authors/owners
  • Bulk stu­dent enrolments
  • Cus­tom user roles
  • Man­u­al stu­dent imports
Peo­ple choose this plan when they and sev­er­al oth­er edu­ca­tors cre­ate and sell a lot of online courses. how to create an online course l how to create a course online l create online course l teach online l how to teach online

What Other Teachers/Developers Are Charging For Their Courses

If you enquire, you will find some awe­some stuff. Look at the one guy who was offer­ing a course on how to become a VR devel­op­er. He was charg­ing $297. What about this one? – A course on water­colour art for $67. And this one — A cake-mak­ing course with prices rang­ing from $25 to $147. That’s good money! Nat­u­ral­ly, with all the dif­fer­ent vari­eties of cours­es, there are going to be dif­fer­ent amounts for dif­fer­ent cours­es – all depend­ing on what they are and the mate­ri­als that are avail­able for the prices. Some­times teach­ers are seen to offer free cours­es or two to give their users a bit of a taste of what is on offer. That’s not a bad idea if you look to get more atten­tion and show your users what you have to teach them. What you could also do is, for instance, offer your course at, say, $97 and then set a time­line where the price will go up to $197. That price increase will be quite the incen­tive for users to join ear­li­er than later! So actu­al­ly, yes, you can earn quite a bit on the Teachable.com site – maybe six fig­ures a year. The chal­lenge is actu­al­ly to get web traf­fic to y our web school. To make income even bet­ter, you could also find affil­i­ates for your cours­es too. If you find peo­ple who want to make mon­ey by pro­mot­ing your busi­ness,’ this is a pos­si­ble way to make mon­ey on Teachable.com.

The Cons Of Selling Your Online Courses On Teachable.com  

  • Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Teach­able is not some­thing like a side hus­tle that you can work on in your spare time. Because it charges you a month­ly fee to use the site, you need to hit hard to make it work, and as we said above, you need to dri­ve traf­fic to your online courses.
  • You also need to offer mar­ketable knowl­edge to your stu­dents on your site that caus­es them to want to pay you for what you can teach them.
  • You need to spend time build­ing your course and design­ing your page, cre­at­ing incen­tives for the peo­ple who want to sign up. You might even have to devel­op free cours­es so that peo­ple become interested.
  • If you are the right per­son for this, it can be a gold mine. But if you are more pas­sive about it, and your course sits qui­et­ly on Teachable.com, you prob­a­bly will find it a recipe for non-suc­cess – a whole lot of pay­ing out month­ly fees with­out mak­ing any revenue.
  • If you don’t have a huge social media fol­low­ing or have a bit of an audi­ence who is pay­ing for your cours­es, you need to be ready to work for your suc­cess on Teachable.com. You are going to have to grind hard for it to get it to work for you.

Selling Your Course

How Much Money Do You Make On Teachable l how to create your course online l create online course l teach online l how to teach online Now you’ve got a great course, and you want to sell it. On Teachable.com, you will find a few sales page tem­plates to use and customize. Stu­dents will buy a course direct­ly from your sales page.  A dash­board will show you how many stu­dents sign up for your course over the month and how much you earned in the giv­en period.

You Get Support From Teachable Too!

You get good sup­port from Teach­able as well, with a help­ful response.  They offer a Knowl­edge Base, which is very help­ful. If you want to ask them some­thing, you cre­ate a tick­et, and they will get back to you with­in 24 hours, and there is also live chat.

It’s About Making Your Ideas Happen

Gen­er­al­ly speak­ing, Teach­able is a sol­id, straight­for­ward plat­form. Learn­ers of your cours­es will have no trou­ble nav­i­gat­ing to them and access­ing them. Teach­able’s strength is found a lot in its video-dri­ven content. It is prob­a­bly one of the biggest play­ers in its field. That is impor­tant to who­ev­er wants to learn because a whole heap of com­pa­nies have jumped on the band­wag­on. They are try­ing to sell online course platforms. Many of them won’t be around in a cou­ple of years. But watch Teach­able – it’s going to be around for a long time. Teachable.com — sim­ply put, builds an engaged com­mu­ni­ty of stu­dents and enhances the learn­ing expe­ri­ence for each one of them. Get start­ed today, and start earn­ing!

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