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How Does Ama­zon Baby Reg­istry Work / How Does Ama­zon Dia­per Fund Work? Your doc­tor has con­firmed that you are hav­ing a baby, and you can’t wait to get togeth­er with loved ones to cel­e­brate. We under­stand – preg­nan­cy is hap­py news! Shar­ing your joy with every­one in your pri­vate and pro­fes­sion­al life is one of those mem­o­rable moments you’ll nev­er for­get, and nei­ther will they. Friends and fam­i­ly will undoubt­ed­ly want to throw a baby show­er for you. Before cir­cling the date of the show­er on the cal­en­dar, take some time to set up a baby reg­istry on Ama­zon. This is a con­ve­nient way to let loved ones know what you need and want for your new­born baby. In this post, we offer tips for cre­at­ing a baby reg­istry on Ama­zon, one that’s easy to set up and easy for oth­ers to navigate. The best fea­ture of an Ama­zon baby reg­istry is how con­ve­nient it is and how broad the shop­ping options are. For exam­ple, the site offers your vir­tu­al baby show­er guests the chance to con­tribute to a dia­per fund. That means that your guest can spend (for exam­ple) a few hun­dred dol­lars keep­ing you and the baby in fresh dia­pers for sev­er­al months. All you have to do is order them, and Ama­zon ships them imme­di­ate­ly. They arrive on your doorstep with­in a day or two, and you’re spared the pan­ic of late-night shop­ping when your sup­ply is run­ning low; now that’s con­ve­nience, which is some­thing all new moth­ers appre­ci­ate and need. how does amazon baby registry work Here are some tips to keep in mind when you log onto the Ama­zon site to launch your baby’s registry.

1- Decide On Your Priorities

If you know what you’re hav­ing – a boy or a girl — spend some time perus­ing Ama­zon’s inven­to­ry and choose items that are in keep­ing with the gen­der. If you don’t know who’s com­ing in nine months, let the sur­prise be your guide: opt for gifts that work for a boy or a girl, like a stroller, baby blan­kets, toys and oth­er things. Set­ting up the reg­istry is a breeze – even if you’re not par­tic­u­lar­ly tech-inclined, the steps are 1,2,3, and it’s done! Ama­zon thought of vir­tu­al­ly every­thing on this and made the set­up and fol­low-through real­ly sim­ple for par­ents, fam­i­ly, and friends. What if some folks are ner­vous about online shop­ping? How to han­dle requests from some folks for a reg­istry at a tra­di­tion­al out­let? This is some­times true of old­er peo­ple, like your grand­moth­er, who may want to buy a crib, but is loathe to do so with­out see­ing it first. How to qui­et her hesitation? Reas­sure her that you’ve cho­sen every item on the reg­istry’s list and that the many ben­e­fits of this method are why you chose to do it. Explain that an Ama­zon reg­istry avoids the awk­ward prob­lem of dupli­cate gifts, as they track what has been pur­chased for you and by whom. An Ama­zon reg­istry allows you, the mom-to-be, to see every item on the screen before it’s added to your wish list. If an old­er per­son you know has dif­fi­cul­ty shop­ping online, ask anoth­er (younger) rel­a­tive to help. Prob­lem solved!

2- If You Have Certain Preferences, Include Them

If you are doing your nurs­ery in gen­der-neu­tral col­ors (yel­low, green, etc.) and want to be sure gifts are select­ed that are in keep­ing with that be explic­it on your baby reg­istry. If an item you want isn’t avail­able in a gen­der-neu­tral col­or, white is always a great fall­back choice. It’s impor­tant that you give buy­ers as many details about the items on your reg­istry as pos­si­ble – col­or, size, even fab­ric if that’s impor­tant to you.

3- Keep The Registry Limited At First

Experts rec­om­mend keep­ing your baby reg­istry fair­ly small, at least ini­tial­ly. For exam­ple: go with essen­tials for the baby’s first three to six months, then expand the reg­istry lat­er if need­ed. You don’t want to end up with too much, as that’s a sure way to clut­ter up the baby’s room. One excep­tion is cloth­ing – choose clothes that car­ry you through a cou­ple of sea­sons. If your baby is born in the fall, pick a few sweaters and pants with a hol­i­day theme that he or she will grow into dur­ing the com­ing win­ter months. Try to think ahead sev­er­al months – what will your baby need when they’re four months old?

4- Even Staples Should Be Limited

What hap­pens if you set up a dis­pos­able dia­per fund on your Ama­zon reg­istry, and it turns out that the ones you’re sent aren’t suit­able some­how? Set a lim­it so you don’t wind up with hun­dreds of dol­lars worth of dia­pers need­ing stor­age or returning.

5- Ask For a Limited Number To Be Delivered

Because hav­ing many of them tak­ing up stor­age space can be a nui­sance, hold­ing back a lit­tle until you’re sure you’re pleased with the prod­uct is also a good idea. Since this is Ama­zon, the pos­si­bil­i­ty of prob­lem prod­ucts being shipped is remote. How­ev­er, it’s best to get a few first, then order more, so you don’t have to wor­ry about returns, although Ama­zon’s return pol­i­cy is com­pre­hen­sive and lasts a long while.

6- Gifts For Mom Matter Too

Don’t be shy about includ­ing a few things for your­self on your baby reg­istry. A nurs­ing bra, for exam­ple, or a bas­ket of health and well­ness prod­ucts makes for a depar­ture from the usu­al sup­ply of tiny socks and baby blan­kets. You need and deserve these items! When you final­ly have a few moments to your­self to soak in a hot tub while your part­ner or nan­ny tends to the baby, you’ll be grate­ful for the new bub­ble bath. Many reg­istries have items like this geared to moms, so include a few on your list. You’ll be glad you did!

7- Think Beyond The Usual Registry Goods

This is relat­ed to #6. It’s impor­tant to think out­side the tra­di­tion­al baby reg­istry box when set­ting up yours. Make good use of the reg­istry check­list Ama­zon pro­vides, as the com­pa­ny has thought of lots of things, so you don’t have to. For exam­ple, Ama­zon offers guide­lines on which baby gifts are best for the bud­get mind­ed and offers details on eco-friend­ly prod­ucts, like organ­ic cot­ton baby cloth­ing. Once you set up your reg­istry, you send out a link to your reg­istry to fam­i­ly and friends. Or, if some­one is host­ing a baby show­er for you, she can send out the link in the guest invitations. how does amazon baby registry work

Wrapping Up

An Ama­zon reg­istry lets every­one attend and give presents at a vir­tu­al show­er. No mat­ter where your fam­i­ly resides, they can like­ly access Ama­zon and shop for baby gifts on your reg­istry. This is one of the best fea­tures of this ser­vice. Gone are the days when friends and fam­i­ly gath­ered in your show­er host’s home, and those who live far away could­n’t attend. Today, a baby show­er over Zoom for those who don’t live near­by is a great way to spend some (vir­tu­al) time with them and gives you a chance to thank them for the gifts they’ve sent from the reg­istry. Of course, you can still have an in-per­son baby show­er, but doing both means nobody gets exclud­ed sim­ply because of distance. Set­ting up a baby reg­istry on Ama­zon is a fun and pro­duc­tive way to pass a cou­ple of after­noons before the baby comes. Your friends, fam­i­ly and col­leagues will be grate­ful because it takes the guess­work out of shop­ping for mom and baby. Do it about mid-way through your preg­nan­cy, before the sleep­less nights and the chaot­ic joy of new moth­er­hood set in once your lit­tle one comes home. And remem­ber: you need­n’t close the reg­istry once you’ve giv­en birth. Keep updat­ing it on Ama­zon so that friends and fam­i­ly can con­tin­ue pur­chas­ing gifts and neces­si­ties for your baby. Is their first birth­day com­ing soon? No prob­lem! Aun­ties and cousins can log onto your reg­istry on Ama­zon and pick out a whole new set of one­sies and booties. Or estab­lish a library of favourite chil­dren’s books on your reg­istry so that on each occa­sion, a friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber can pur­chase them a copy of a clas­sic like “Win­nie The Pooh” or “Alice in Won­der­land.” With each pass­ing year, you can select new titles that suit their grow­ing and chang­ing read­ing habits. One of the best fea­tures of an Ama­zon baby reg­istry is that you can edit and update it over time so that gifts for your baby con­stant­ly change to meet their expand­ing needs. Trust us on this – you’ll be very glad you have an Ama­zon baby reg­istry for your baby show­er and that it’s still there when you and the baby come home and beyond!  

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