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“Dis­clo­sure: This is a spon­sored post ( for more details, please read our pri­va­cy policy/sponsored post dis­clo­sure) by vont.com. All opin­ions expressed in this post are based on our team member’s review, after try­ing the prod­uct for few days.” Bright­en­ing up your out­door liv­ing area can sig­nif­i­cant­ly improve the way your patio or gar­den looks and give you a stim­u­lus to spend more time in the yard dur­ing warmer seasons.  For me, my patio is not only an out­door space to set. I love my patio; the deck and clear lawn sur­round­ed by gor­geous flow­ers and fresh plants offer some­thing that nowhere else in the uni­verse can — com­plete peace. There’s no bet­ter way to add some bright­ness to your out­door space than with solar lights. Unlike tra­di­tion­al out­door light­ing, solar lights draw from the sun’s ener­gy, stor­ing it via a recharge­able bat­tery until dusk to illu­mi­nate path­ways, stairs, and fences.  Most of us know that solar ener­gy is the ener­gy of the future. Con­sid­er­ing solar light is one of the best ways to incor­po­rate that lim­it­less and abun­dant ener­gy source into your dai­ly life. They are great for peo­ple like me look­ing to save a lit­tle bit of mon­ey on their elec­tric­i­ty bill every month. While study­ing solar lights, I found that some believe they can’t work on cloudy days or nights. Oth­ers think that solar-pow­ered prod­ucts aren’t that pow­er­ful or bright. Well, all of that is untrue with this out­door solar light. High-qual­i­ty solar lights prod­ucts can be just as pow­er­ful or even more potent than the reg­u­lar lights I used to use. They can work any day or night. That is regard­less of weath­er and with­out lots of wires run­ning all over the place. With the rich­es of solar prod­ucts out there, it’s hard to know which ones are your fit ones and which ones just don’t shine above the rest. For­tu­nate­ly, I had the chance to try this fan­tas­tic prod­uct from Vont, and I am blessed with that great opportunity. The box comes in a pack of two lights. The set­up for the light was fast, easy to use. I stuck one of them into the grass with the stake pro­vid­ed, which is long enough to keep them stur­dy. The oth­er one I mount­ed on the wall close to my dri­ve­way with the screws included.

Features I Love About This Intuitive Solar Lights:

- No Wires

First off, and poten­tial­ly most impor­tant for safe­ty, there are no ungain­ly wires nec­es­sary for these out­door solar lights. That makes solar lights safer, eas­i­er to install, and way more attractive.

- Ease of Arrangement & Setting Up

best solar outdoor lights l brightest solar lights Anoth­er thing I love about Vont out­door solar lights is that they are straight­for­ward to move. If you dis­cov­er your place­ment isn’t just right – or if you’re like me and just get bored quick­ly – you can move the lights with lit­tle effort and time. It has a sig­nif­i­cant ground spike and is easy to adjust. Also, it has a switch that is easy to use and has two bright­ness lev­els and an off position.

- Recharge at Day, Shine Bright at Night

This intu­itive out­door solar light knows when to save ener­gy and start oper­at­ing with­out com­pli­cat­ed steps. It instant­ly turns on at night and turns off at sun­rise. There is no need for any sched­ul­ing, com­plex set­up, or remote con­trol. It’s smart enough to detect changes in the envi­ron­ment, illu­mi­nate your space, and make life eas­i­er for you.

- A Safe Driveway 

One of the most impor­tant places in any yard is the dri­ve­way. Safe­ty can be a huge issue here, espe­cial­ly at night when it’s easy to miss that bicy­cle sit­ting there or pup­py pounc­ing on toys.

- RV Friendly 

These are also great for your RV as they are com­pact, light­weight and easy to store away while on the road. 

What Do Reviewers Think?

Adding on the great reviews I have read on Vont prod­ucts. In their cus­tomers’ reviews, I noticed the cus­tomer ser­vice; review­ers had report­ed fan­tas­tic ser­vice, and a great return pol­i­cy with refund or replace­ment is avail­able, which is pret­ty awe­some and makes me more encour­aged to try more prod­ucts from them. I love my new out­door solar lights. They are so bright it looks like car head­lights aimed at the house. I live on a busy street, so it’s nice to have the added secu­ri­ty of hav­ing my house light up and even adding a hint of light to a qui­et din­ner par­ty on the deck.                                          best solar outdoor lights l brightest solar lights                                                        best solar outdoor lights l brightest solar lights

Final Thought

When it comes to buy­ing back­yard light­ing, it is cru­cial to go with the option that will best suit your needs and wants in terms of décor, func­tion­al­i­ty, and bud­get-wise. You want to ensure that your bud­get includes the cost of the light­ing in terms of the ini­tial pur­chase and long-term expens­es such as replace­ment, main­te­nance, and repair. In this arti­cle, I’ve men­tioned some fan­tas­tic fea­tures for this intu­itive out­door solar light I got from Vont that I have expe­ri­enced after using the prod­uct for few days. Please use mul­ti­ple guides that are in place to find the best light­ing for your back­yard and enjoy the com­plete peace and joyfulness 🙂

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