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“Dis­clo­sure: This is a spon­sored post ( for more details, please read our pri­va­cy policy/sponsored post dis­clo­sure) by thought-catapulter.com. All opin­ions expressed in this post are based on our team member’s review, after try­ing the prod­uct for thir­ty days.” I am a per­son that finds myself in the depths of neg­a­tive spi­rals often. It’s these spi­rals that have led me to lose valu­able time, and ener­gy, in my life. It placed undue stress on my fam­i­ly rela­tion­ships and my friend­ships. Not to men­tion take a deep and last­ing toll on my health, both phys­i­cal and mental. I tried every­thing to bring myself out of the dregs of these neg­a­tive thought pat­terns. I engaged in ther­a­py, exer­cised more, and even med­i­tat­ed to ele­vate the strain that was press­ing down on me every day. Yet it was­n’t until I stum­bled across the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter that I start­ed to real­ly feel any last­ing progress. This sim­ple yet intu­itive device enabled me to take con­trol of my life. To start breath­ing a sigh of relief and get moti­vat­ed to live my best life once more. In a lot of ways, it saved me from a bleak and unde­sir­able future. Today I’d like to take you on the jour­ney I went through over the past thir­ty days with the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter. Show you what you get with the device, how to use it, and explore the sci­ence behind self-affir­ma­tion the­o­ry and how it can change your life.

What is the Thought Catapulter?

The Thought Cat­a­pul­ter is a self-affir­ma­tion tool designed to give you the pow­er to pull your pos­i­tive affir­ma­tions out and make them a reality. When you buy the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter, you will receive a small pouch with a pow­er­ful mag­net inside, a sheet of affir­ma­tions for you to cut out and use, and a blank page for you to write your own affirmations. On top of this, you’ll also receive a nice strap that you can use to attach the pouch, with the mag­net and affir­ma­tions that you choose, to your body. I found the best place for me was wrap­ping it around my biceps, as it did­n’t get in the way of my dai­ly activ­i­ties that way. When I first received the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter, I’ll admit I was skep­ti­cal. I had been try­ing so many ways to lift my spir­its, and cor­rect my think­ing, that I looked at this pouch and a list of self-affir­ma­tions, and I did­n’t think it would work. How­ev­er, I was com­mit­ted to try­ing, and I’m glad I did. Because just around the cor­ner was my enlight­en­ment to self-affir­ma­tion the­o­ry and the pow­er­ful effect the mag­net sys­tem of the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter would have on my men­tal health.

Self-Affirmation Theory – A Quick Overview

Self-Affir­ma­tion the­o­ry was first coined in the peer-reviewed psy­chol­o­gy paper titled Self-Affir­ma­tion The­o­ry by Claude Steele in 1998. It is the sci­ence of bring­ing forth pos­i­tive affir­ma­tions and sup­press­ing neg­a­tive thought pat­terns with them. Steele stud­ied and con­firmed that our men­tal state is deeply affect­ed by our abil­i­ty to hold onto self-affirmations. By focus­ing on these self-affir­ma­tions, he was able to doc­u­ment how many patients could man­age stress, anx­i­ety, depres­sion, and issues with their self-esteem—closely link­ing it to the act of hold­ing onto faith in many religions. This the­o­ry was lat­er reaf­firmed by J.Cohen and Nail P.R in 1999, stat­ing that the effects of self-affir­ma­tion were so strong that it should be the bedrock on which mod­ern psy­chol­o­gy is based. In prac­tice, this works to repro­gram your mind open­ing up path­ways that were closed due to your neg­a­tive thought patterns. This may sound out­landish, but we lit­er­al­ly repro­gram our­selves to stick in those pat­terns when we are under a con­stant state of stress, depres­sion, or self-doubt. By using a self-affir­ma­tion device, you begin to turn back the clock on that programming. Yet, how does this relate to me? That’s what I thought when I stud­ied the sci­en­tif­ic back­ground of the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter device. I real­ized that through the use of a strong mag­net and by attach­ing the device to my per­son, I would uti­lize the most pow­er­ful ele­ments of self-affir­ma­tion the­o­ry in my own life.

How Does The Thought Catapulter Work?

self affirmation l self affirmation theory l self affirmation key You will start by choos­ing the affir­ma­tions you want to focus on. For me, these were focus­ing pri­mar­i­ly on self-worth. Yet these will be dif­fer­ent for every­body, as they should. You have the free­dom to cre­ate your own, and this is a won­der­ful tool. How­ev­er, it’s impor­tant to keep your affir­ma­tions sim­ple. Don’t write a para­graph and hope for the uni­verse to bend to your will instead of focus­ing on the build­ing blocks of your men­tal health. Once you have cho­sen the affir­ma­tions that you need, sim­ply place them into the pouch along with the mag­net. It’s impor­tant you include the mag­net in there, as it will work to pull these affir­ma­tions to live. It won’t be an imme­di­ate fix. You won’t sud­den­ly feel com­plete­ly mend­ed on the first day. But keep plac­ing the pouch on your per­son, and go about your day. Over time, for me, it was after a week, you’ll start to feel those affir­ma­tions come to life. For every­body, this expe­ri­ence will be dif­fer­ent. We all have unique and com­plex minds, and there is no impe­r­i­al rule cov­er­ing all of us. The impor­tant thing is you keep look­ing over your affir­ma­tions, keep plac­ing them into the pouch, and even­tu­al­ly, you will feel the over­whelm­ing effects of the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter in action.

My Experience with the Thought Catapulter

self affirmation l self affirmation theory l self affirmation key If I could paint a pic­ture for you, it would be of grey skies and grey days. This was my life, and this is how I spent it. I could­n’t escape the weight of my men­tal health press­ing down on me, and I could­n’t escape how hope­less I felt. Not long after going through all of the usu­al steps to try and cor­rect my men­tal health and bring my life back to a healthy stan­dard, I obtained the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter. I read about self-affir­ma­tion the­o­ry, and I was com­mit­ted to giv­ing it a try. So I wrote down, “I am per­fect­ly enough as I am,” and I placed it into the pouch, tucked the mag­net in there with it, and attached it to my ankle. This was where my jour­ney began. The first day I did­n’t feel any dif­fer­ent, and the sec­ond was much of the same. Yet, I kept read­ing over the self-affir­ma­tion card every day and placed it back into the pouch. The third and fourth day came, and I found my mind focus­ing on the affir­ma­tion. Around and around, my thoughts went. Then, final­ly, I made it to the sec­ond week. At this point, I did­n’t feel any bet­ter, but look­ing back on it, the process had already begun. I went through the sec­ond week, and I noticed a change. I was­n’t as tense as I used to be, and I start­ed to loosen up around friends again. When I was talk­ing to them online, I felt a glim­mer of hap­pi­ness once more. A feel­ing that was a long mem­o­ry at this point. Then it all start­ed to come togeth­er. Every day I looked at the card, and every day I placed it around my ankle. I final­ly start­ed to feel like I was enough. Over and over, I said it in my mind, and over and over, I attached the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter to my biceps. It became a ritual! By the third week, I caught myself laugh­ing. I was so at ease and in a head­space I had­n’t been in for years. I felt like I was enough, and that crush­ing weight that kept pulling me back was so quick­ly becom­ing a dis­tant memory. It was here that I changed my self-affir­ma­tion to “I rec­og­nize and wel­come all oppor­tu­ni­ties for abun­dance,” one of the sup­plied cards that came in the pack­et. I con­tin­ued my rit­u­al, and soon I was notic­ing a dif­fer­ence in myself. self affirmation l self affirmation theory l self affirmation key I start­ed to accept invi­ta­tions to play with friends. I start­ed to jump on oppor­tu­ni­ties at work to do more and do bet­ter. The more it went on, the more I began to real­ize the pro­found effect these self-affir­ma­tions were hav­ing on me. Fur­ther­more, I real­ized I was becom­ing much more respon­sive to the self-affir­ma­tions. In the begin­ning, it took me over a week to feel the effects, but after the sec­ond and third, it was speed­ing up. It was as if I had opened myself up to their effects and was able to take in the change more rapidly. This all brings me to today. Where I have two self-affir­ma­tions in my pouch, and every day I look them over and reat­tach them to my ankle. With every pass­ing day, I feel more in con­trol of my men­tal state and my entire life.

My Final Thoughts

In a world that has an end­less series of stress­es, hard­ships, and chal­lenges for us to over­come, the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter is a wel­come com­pan­ion. I nev­er thought so much change could come from such a small package. If you’re look­ing to take a proac­tive step in bring­ing your life under con­trol, take a firm grip on your men­tal state, or even just improve the way you are as a per­son, I could­n’t rec­om­mend the Thought Cat­a­pul­ter enough.

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