The rea­son why I named this series Soul Glow is that we often for­get the impor­tance of mak­ing sure our soul is glow­ing, the light is so sub­tle that we do not real­ly pay atten­tion to it when it fades away.

It may be sub­tle but the impact it has on our lives is mag­nif­i­cent. Mak­ing your soul glow requires a series of actions and states, ulti­mate­ly it is when you live in full align­ment that your soul glows so much that it shines through you and through every­thing you do.

How do we get there? This series will guide you through the steps into mak­ing it all happen.

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Know Your Value

In this episode, we dis­cuss the impor­tance of you in the world and why you are impor­tant we tack­le a lit­tle bit of the self-doubt that we all go through, we boost a lit­tle bit of con­fi­dence, and we con­tin­ue to harp on the impor­tance of your unique­ness and why that is important.

Kid's Corner

Be Ok With Your Flaws

we talk about how your flaws are part of who you are and that per­fec­tion is unre­al­is­tic, we also dis­cuss ways to embrace those flaws and start our jour­ney of self accep­tance and self love.

Health & Fitness

Get To Know You “part1”: why do you have the good, why you have the bad

Under­stand­ing your good and bad and why we have them where do they stem from and how to invest in your good and your bad.

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Get To Know Your­self “part 2”: is the good real­ly good and is the bad real­ly bad?

Here we dig deep­er on the good and the bad, under­stand­ing if our good traits are actu­al­ly good or are they just per­ceived as good and the same with our bad.

Kid's Corner

Know­ing What You Know About You: Do you love you?

With the good the bad and the ugly, do you love your­self? Here we dig deep­er on the impor­tance of self love and self worth and tips and tricks to accept our jour­ney, our dark side and accept our worth.
Health & Fitness

There Is No Light With­out Self-Love

Why is self love impor­tant, how it is not self­ish and that the first step to great­ness is to love your self. We dig deep­er on the impact self love has on your future and on how you per­ceive your­self and on how peo­ple per­ceive you. Also with­out self love you will not be able to iden­ti­fy what makes you light up and what makes you happy.

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Dai­ly Activ­i­ties That Make You Light Up

Here we talk about how the in order to be able to find your pur­pose you need to be able to iden­ti­fy what makes you light up and how to rec­og­nize that light. We talk about steps to talk to be able to iden­ti­fy these things.

Seize Your Life Today Podcast

What Is The Light That You See Your­self In?

Once you are able to rec­og­nize these things that make you light up, you will be able to rec­og­nize where this leads you and how to dou­ble down on them to keep your light on, that light fuels your ener­gy, your cre­ativ­i­ty and your soul.
Seize Your Life Today Podcast

What Dims You, Makes You Want To Hide?

Now that you know what the light looks like and what ignites it, you need to rec­og­nize what dims that light, who dims that light, and what kind of food and environment.

Kid's Corner

Pave The Path And Walk It

Once we are able to fol­low these steps you will be able to rec­og­nize your pas­sion and pave your path to your pur­pose. Find­ing your pur­pose means that you are liv­ing in align­ment with your light and true self, this is where con­tent­ment and sat­is­fac­tion lies.

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