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A house­wife is a woman whose main occu­pa­tion is run­ning or man­ag­ing her fam­i­ly’s home—caring for and edu­cat­ing her chil­dren, cook­ing and stor­ing food, buy­ing goods the fam­i­ly needs in day-to-day life, clean­ing and main­tain­ing the home, mak­ing clothes for the fam­i­ly, etc.—and who is gen­er­al­ly not employed out­side the home. Mer­ri­am Web­ster describes a house­wife as a mar­ried woman who is in charge of her house­hold. The relat­ed term home­mak­er has almost the same mean­ing but is not lim­it­ed to women and does not con­note mar­riage. The term house­wife may some­times be used in con­trast to a career woman.