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Peri­or­bital puffi­ness, also known as “puffy eyes” or swelling around the eyes, refers to the appear­ance of swelling in the tis­sues around the eyes, called the orbits. It is almost exclu­sive­ly caused by flu­id buildup around the eyes, or peri­or­bital ede­ma. Minor puffi­ness usu­al­ly detectable below the eyes only (although at times they could be present all around) is often called eye bags. Such tran­sient puffi­ness is dis­tinct from the age relat­ed and grad­ual increase in the size of the fat pad lying below the low­er eye­lids (sub­or­bic­u­laris oculi fat — “SOOF”) which can also be col­lo­qui­al­ly referred to as eye bags.