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A humid­i­fi­er is a device that increas­es humid­i­ty (mois­ture) in a sin­gle room or an entire build­ing. In the home, point-of-use humid­i­fiers are com­mon­ly used to humid­i­fy a sin­gle room, while whole-house or fur­nace humid­i­fiers, which con­nect to a home­’s HVAC sys­tem, pro­vide humid­i­ty to the entire house. Med­ical ven­ti­la­tors often include humid­i­fiers for increased patient com­fort. Large humid­i­fiers are used in com­mer­cial, insti­tu­tion­al, or indus­tri­al con­texts, often as part of a larg­er HVAC system.