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Ash Shar­qiyah () was the east­ern region (Ara­bic: منطقة, translit­er­a­tion: mintaqah) of the Sul­tanate of Oman. The cap­i­tal of Ash Shar­qiyah is Sur. On 28 Octo­ber 2011 Ash Shar­qiyah Region was split into Ash Shar­qiyah North Gov­er­norate and Ash Shar­qiyah South Gov­er­norate. Ash Shar­qiyah Region con­sist­ed of eleven provinces (Ara­bic: ولاية, plur­al ولايات, translit­er­a­tion: wilayah, plur­al wilay­at): Sur, Ibra, Al-Mud­haibi, Al Kamil Wal Wafi, Jalan Bani Bu Has­san, Jalan Bani Bu Ali, Wadi Bani Khalid, Dema Wa Thaieen, Bidiya, Al Qabil, and Mas­sir­ah. The main cities are Sur and Ibra.