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Age­ing (British Eng­lish) or aging (Amer­i­can Eng­lish) is the process of becom­ing old­er. It rep­re­sents the accu­mu­la­tion of changes in a per­son over time. In humans, age­ing refers to a mul­ti­di­men­sion­al process of phys­i­cal, psy­cho­log­i­cal, and social change. Reac­tion time, for exam­ple, may slow with age, while knowl­edge of world events and wis­dom may expand. Age­ing is an impor­tant part of all human soci­eties reflect­ing the bio­log­i­cal changes that occur, but also reflect­ing cul­tur­al and soci­etal con­ven­tions. Age­ing is among the largest known risk fac­tors for most human dis­eases. Rough­ly 100,000 peo­ple world­wide die each day of age-relat­ed caus­es. Pop­u­la­tion age­ing is the increase in the num­ber and pro­por­tion of old­er peo­ple in soci­ety. Pop­u­la­tion age­ing has three pos­si­ble caus­es: migra­tion, longer life expectan­cy (decreased death rate) and decreased birth rate. Age­ing has a sig­nif­i­cant impact on soci­ety. Young peo­ple tend to have few­er legal priv­i­leges (if they are below the age of major­i­ty), they are more like­ly to push for polit­i­cal and social change, to devel­op and adopt new tech­nolo­gies, and to need edu­ca­tion. Old­er peo­ple have dif­fer­ent require­ments from soci­ety and gov­ern­ment, and fre­quent­ly have dif­fer­ing val­ues as well, such as for prop­er­ty and pen­sion rights. Recent sci­en­tif­ic suc­cess­es in reju­ve­na­tion and extend­ing the lifes­pan of mod­el ani­mals (mice 2.5 times, yeast and nema­todes 10 times) and dis­cov­ery of vari­ety of species (includ­ing humans of advanced ages) hav­ing neg­li­gi­ble senes­cence give hope to achieve neg­li­gi­ble senes­cence (can­cel age­ing) for younger humans, reverse age­ing, or at least sig­nif­i­cant­ly delay it. Regen­er­a­tive med­i­cine is a branch of med­i­cine asso­ci­at­ed with the treat­ment of age-relat­ed dis­eases. Age­ing is the major cause of mor­tal­i­ty in the devel­oped world.