How to Choose Wed­ding Invi­ta­tions and Why Black And White Wed­ding Invi­ta­tions Are Timeless? Are you plan­ning your wed­ding for some time this year, or per­haps you’re book­ing it for the spring or sum­mer of the com­ing year? If you are, con­grat­u­la­tions from all of us here at Seize Your Life Today! We are thrilled for you – wed­dings are hap­py occa­sions that bring fam­i­lies and friends togeth­er to cel­e­brate the love of two people. If you are just in the ini­tial plan­ning stages of your wed­ding, no doubt one of the first items on your to-do list is what kind of invi­ta­tion you want. Much of this deci­sion springs from sev­er­al fac­tors: the size of your wed­ding, your per­son­al style, and how for­mal your wed­ding is going to be. We’ve been doing a deep dive into wed­ding trends for this year and next. And our research reveals some­thing we’ve long sus­pect­ed – black and white wed­ding invi­ta­tions are incred­i­bly pop­u­lar. Why, because this colour duo is clas­sic and time­less, and they look won­der­ful on just about every stock of paper you might choose for your invi­ta­tions. (Some argue that black and white are not colours, but for our pur­pos­es here, they are!) In this arti­cle, we offer some rea­sons that black and white wed­ding invi­ta­tions and invi­ta­tion suites have stayed pop­u­lar with wed­ding plan­ners, brides and grooms for so long. This com­bi­na­tion can look antique, mod­ern or even futur­is­tic. But every time, these invi­ta­tions are ele­gant, time­less and oh so fabulous. Here Are Some Rea­sons You Should Con­sid­er This Duo When You’re Plan­ning Your Nuptials.

1- Black & White Works On All Kinds Of Paper Stock

Whether you’ve cho­sen a heavy paper stock for your invi­ta­tions or some­thing lighter, black let­ter­ing looks amazing. This is equal­ly true of the colour of your paper – is it ivory? Pure white? Off white? Ecru? No mat­ter what shade you select, the black type looks won­der­ful set against it. And if you choose black invi­ta­tions with white let­ter­ing, it looks unique and sets the words and num­bers apart from the black background. An invi­ta­tion in black and white is a choice that has endured for good rea­sons – they look fan­tas­tic togeth­er. And don’t for­get that your envelopes must include wed­ding invi­ta­tion suites – a direc­tions guide, a response card, and per­haps infor­ma­tion about hotel book­ings you’re arrang­ing for guests from out of town. Black and white work well for all these items.

2- All Fonts Look Good In Black & White

How to Choose Wedding Invitations, black and white wedding invitations The invi­ta­tion sets the mood and tone of your wed­ding. For exam­ple: let’s say you’ve cho­sen a Great Gats­by theme for your spe­cial day – very 1920s, com­plete with a mar­ti­ni bar, and a wed­ding dress straight out of the Roar­ing 20s. There are many fonts that reflect this time peri­od, and your black and white wed­ding invi­ta­tion mak­er can show you a large vari­ety from which to choose the one you like best. This prin­ci­ple applies to wed­dings of all styles – for­mal, casu­al, inti­mate or designed with a par­tic­u­lar peri­od in mind. Black and white fonts are so styl­is­ti­cal­ly var­ied and strik­ing there is bound to be one that’s per­fect for the style of your wed­ding. This goes for all your wed­ding invi­ta­tion suites too.

3- Black & White Invitations May Be Less Costly

If you’re try­ing to save mon­ey in some areas of your wed­ding bud­get so you can splurge in oth­ers, black and white invi­ta­tions can help. Every time you add a new colour to your colour scheme you add to the price. Stick­ing with black and white can help con­trol the cost of wed­ding invi­ta­tions, and that means you can indulge in oth­er areas a lit­tle bit more.

4- Let Black & White Rule In The Overall Colour Scheme

How to Choose Wedding Invitations, black and white wedding invitations Long gone are the days when wear­ing black to a wed­ding was con­sid­ered a no-no for any­one but the groom and his grooms­men. Today, any­thing and every­thing goes for the bride and her bridal par­ty too. Black and white are chic choic­es for the ladies; per­haps a bride in white and her maid of hon­our and brides­maids in ele­gant black? That looks gor­geous, for all mem­bers of the bridal par­ty, from the flower girl to the moth­er of the bride. Black and white also work well for sec­ond mar­riages of more mature part­ners. In that case, even the bride may con­sid­er wear­ing a black dress. Using black and white as the over­all colour scheme and launch­ing it with the invi­ta­tions is classy and elegant.

5- Black & White Can Be Formal Or Casual

There are vir­tu­al­ly no rules carved in stone any­more when it comes to appro­pri­ate colours for wed­dings. If you choose black and white, it does­n’t have to stop with the invi­ta­tions and bridal par­ty outfits. Dec­o­ra­tions, flow­ers and even the wed­ding cake can all car­ry this colour pair­ing and look ter­rif­ic. The same is true for table­cloths, plates, can­dles and oth­er neces­si­ties for the head table and the guests’ din­ing tables.

6- Black & White Works For All Wedding Styles

Whether you want your wed­ding to reflect a vin­tage vibe, a for­mal tone or a mod­ern look, black and white works per­fect­ly in all of those aes­thet­ics. It is a colour pair­ing that has been around for decades, so it’s suit­able for any style of wedding. You can even have black and white pho­tos tak­en to con­tin­ue the theme as if the pho­tog­ra­ph­er is shoot­ing a doc­u­men­tary. There is vir­tu­al­ly no lim­it to the imag­i­na­tive ele­ments you can cre­ate for a black and white wedding.

7- Black & White Invitation Graphics Can Be Any Style

How to Choose Wedding Invitations, black and white wedding invitations If you decide that your wed­ding invi­ta­tion should have graph­ics, black and white looks amaz­ing. For exam­ple, let’s say you put an illus­tra­tion on the invi­ta­tion of the well-known land­mark build­ing where you had your first date or the out­line of the park where you two first went walking. Black and white make these draw­ings real­ly stand out. Even sim­ple line draw­ings look ele­gant when done in black on a white or ivory back­ground.  You don’t have to lim­it your invi­ta­tion to words and num­bers only. Putting a graph­ic on the front can make the date and let­ter­ing even more visu­al­ly appeal­ing. And that goes for your wed­ding invi­ta­tion suites too.

8- Continue The Theme With The Guest Gift Bags

Start with the invi­ta­tions and fin­ish with the goody bags for guests, and let black and white rule! A stand-out gift bag might be all black with a white rib­bon, chock full of dark choco­lates, small white can­dles and any­thing else you think is appro­pri­ate for your loved ones. With a lit­tle imag­i­na­tion and effort, the gift bags can reflect who you are as a cou­ple and can keep the black and white colour scheme flowing. A wed­ding that is designed from start to fin­ish in black and white is an ele­gant colour palate for just about every bride and groom. From the moment you send out the invi­ta­tions, with bold black let­ter­ing on an off-white stock, for exam­ple, you’ve announced to your guests how you’ve decid­ed to design your wedding. The invi­ta­tions are the first rung of this spe­cial, once-in-a-life­time lad­der. Make them unique, make them a reflec­tion of who you are, and make them part of the wed­ding style you will remem­ber for your whole lives. And don’t stop with the wed­ding invitations. Use a black and white colour scheme through­out your wed­ding and recep­tion. Con­sid­er black for the brides­maids if you’re wear­ing a white wed­ding gown. The con­trast is time­less and ele­gant, and these colours are flat­ter­ing to every shape. Your friends at the bridal par­ty will thank you for think­ing of them if you choose a sim­ple, black design for those who are stand­ing up beside you on the big day. And don’t for­get to wear some­thing in black and white when you change to leave on your honeymoon.

Final Thoughts

As always, we at Seize Your Life Today love hear­ing from our sub­scribers about their expe­ri­ence with our rec­om­mend­ed links. Please let us know if you decide to get in touch with them about your wed­ding invi­ta­tions, and whether you found this arti­cle help­ful when plan­ning your wed­ding. Top­ic ideas for arti­cles are always wel­come, too! And when your big day arrives, every­one here wish­es you all the best, not only on your wed­ding day but for­ev­er after. Wed­dings are won­der­ful events, and plan­ning one is almost as much fun as hav­ing one. Almost!

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