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Eufy VS Owlet — Choos­ing the Best Baby Mon­i­tor for Your Needs Whether you’ve just brought home your first baby or you’re an expe­ri­enced par­ent who’s had your third child, car­ing for a new­born is exhaus­tive work. Those first months when your baby is sleep­ing in the bassinet (and you’re not sleep­ing at all!) are some of the tough­est times par­ents go through. There are many unknowns to which you must adapt when you first bring your baby home, includ­ing their sleep­ing pat­terns and sched­ules. Keep­ing an eye and an ear on them from a dis­tance while they’re in dream­land is one of the best ways to main­tain a con­stant watch over them. A baby mon­i­tor lets you do that, with­out dis­turb­ing your infant by con­stant­ly going in and out of the nursery. There are a sev­er­al baby mon­i­tors on the mar­ket these days, but two in par­tic­u­lar come high­ly rec­om­mend­ed by pedi­a­tri­cians and moms them­selves. Which mon­i­tor device is best suit­ed to you depends on sev­er­al fac­tors, such as the size of your home, your com­fort lev­el with tech­nol­o­gy, and your budget. In this arti­cle, we take a look at two of the most pop­u­lar brands avail­able, the Eufy baby mon­i­tor and the Owlet Smart baby mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem. The Eufy is a local video sys­tem, mean­ing you don’t have to wor­ry about the Inter­net con­nec­tion work­ing because the sig­nal sim­ply goes between two things – the mon­i­tor for the par­ent or care­giv­er and the cam­era, which points at the sleep­ing baby. That’s it. The Owlet baby mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem is dif­fer­ent – it does need an Inter­net con­nec­tion. It’s more expen­sive to buy and oper­ate, and it relies on your Inter­net to work. The Owlet mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem offers secu­ri­ty options and cov­er­age when you’re away from home – you can check in on the nurs­ery on your phone from the gro­cery store, for exam­ple – but these types of baby mon­i­tors are more cost­ly and a lit­tle more com­pli­cat­ed to set up and run. Which one is right for you? Before we get to the research and what the experts say about Eufy and Owlet, it’s impor­tant to note that we aren’t com­par­ing these prod­ucts. That would be a lit­tle like com­par­ing apples to avo­ca­dos! Although these mon­i­tor­ing sys­tems per­form the same func­tion, they do it in entire­ly dif­fer­ent ways. One is with­in your home­’s four walls, so to speak. The oth­er has an almost infi­nite reach, as it per­forms its task over the Inter­net. The one you choose should be deter­mined by your cir­cum­stances and bud­get. But first, let’s look at the most impor­tant fea­tures you should con­sid­er in any baby monitor.

1) Is It Reliable?

Do a lit­tle online research into what­ev­er brand you’re con­sid­er­ing and see what users say. Over­all, is this a prod­uct that has won raves from con­sumers? If there are crit­i­cisms, what are they? Check out mom blogs, too, and get as much infor­ma­tion as you can. When a baby mon­i­tor lasts through a fam­i­ly’s ear­ly years with, for exam­ple, three or four chil­dren, that speaks vol­umes about how well it’s been made.

2) How Is The Video?

Remem­ber, there will be times when you’ll be check­ing the screen in the mid­dle of the night. Can you see the image clear­ly? Does the pic­ture get fuzzy if it’s too far from the baby’s room? Clar­i­ty in the visu­al field is vital.

3) How Is The Audio?

You want a sys­tem that lets you make out sounds clear­ly, so you don’t mis­take a gur­gling baby for one who’s in dis­tress. You should be able to hear any sound ema­nat­ing from you lit­tle one clear­ly, and also be able to con­trol the vol­ume and set it at dif­fer­ent levels.

4) Is It Easy To Use?

This is a device you’ll be using in the mid­dle of the night at times, when you’re grog­gy and sleep deprived. Is every fea­ture easy to nav­i­gate? You don’t want a baby mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem that looks like the deck of the Star­ship Enter­prise! A no-fuss unit is def­i­nite­ly the way to go.

5) Is The Battery Long-Lasting & Rechargeable?

Of course, you can plug in baby mon­i­tors, but hav­ing a unit with a durable bat­tery is impor­tant. Ide­al­ly, the bat­tery should last all night, so you don’t have to wor­ry about recharg­ing it if cir­cum­stances don’t allow for that, such as when the pow­er goes out dur­ing a storm. The Eufy Space­view Baby Mon­i­tor. Sev­er­al web­sites rate this mod­el of local video baby mon­i­tor as their favourite for sev­er­al reasons. In essence, it is extreme­ly reli­able, has good video and audio, and isn’t too cost­ly. There are two mod­els of the Eufy Space­view Baby Mon­i­tor – the Space­view “reg­u­lar” unit, and one called the Space­view Pro. Although both are ranked high­ly on many sites, the Space­view Pro has a slight­ly big­ger monitor. 

A) The Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor

Users and experts say this sys­tem is easy to use, has crys­tal clear images and audio, and does­n’t dent the wal­let. It’s well con­struct­ed too, so if you’re plan­ning on grow­ing your fam­i­ly in the future, this unit will last for years and still be in great shape when the next baby arrives. The design is quite sleek and com­pact, so the mon­i­tor fits eas­i­ly on a table or the cor­ner of your night­stand. The Eufy Space­view Pro has a larg­er bat­tery that can last up to four more hours than the basic mod­el’s. That can be a real advan­tage. Nor does the Pro come with the choice of buy­ing a wide-angle lens, which may be some­thing you want in a baby mon­i­tor­ing system. eufy vs owleteufy vs owlet

B) Owlet Smart Baby Monitor

If you want to see your baby, night or day from wher­ev­er you are, this prod­uct might be per­fect for you. The high def­i­n­i­tion video qual­i­ty makes images – even those in the dark – clear as can be. The audio is good too, allow­ing you to hear every gur­gle and sigh. But this mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem is prici­er than local video ones – it sells on Ama­zon. And of course that does­n’t include your month­ly Wi-Fi fee. How­ev­er, the Owlet has many fea­tures that some par­ents will be thrilled to have. eufy vs owlet It tracks your baby’s sleep pat­terns. It adds how many hours your baby sleeps each night. It will even tell you how often your baby wakes, if you want to know this kind of detail. For par­ents who are out of the home a great deal, or who have a nan­ny or oth­er care­giv­er in the home, the peace of mind giv­en by the Owlet sys­tem is irre­place­able. If you’re unsure whether you need this lev­el of con­stant mon­i­tor­ing from out­side the home as well as inside, the Owlet has a 30-day guar­an­tee. Under the con­di­tions, you can return the baby mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem if you’re not hap­py with it for any rea­son, no ques­tions asked.

In Summary

Once you have all the infor­ma­tion you need about the dif­fer­ent types of mon­i­tors on the mar­ket, you can decide which sys­tem is right for you and your fam­i­ly. Do you need all the data and con­stant cov­er­age pro­vid­ed by a Wi-Fi enabled sys­tem? Per­haps not, if one par­ent is home all day tend­ing to the new­born’s needs. In that case, per­haps a tra­di­tion­al (and less expen­sive) local video baby mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem will do the job just fine. But if you’re work­ing a lot or you have a large home that won’t be ade­quate­ly cov­ered by a lim­it­ed-range mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem, con­sid­er the high-tech option. Or if your baby needs height­ened atten­tion because of health con­cerns, a top-notch baby mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem is cru­cial. Ulti­mate­ly, it is up to you, as the par­ent, to decide which option is best. The reas­sur­ance you get from sim­ply look­ing at your phone or lap­top, from any loca­tion, and see­ing your baby sleep­ing sound­ly is price­less. Get­ting that reas­sur­ance is worth every pen­ny, so weigh the options, do your research, and choose a top-qual­i­ty baby mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem that fits your needs perfectly.

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