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Best Free­lance Web­sites For Beginners Have you ever thought about all the skills you’ve got but aren’t putting out there in the mar­ket­place? Do you ever wish you could sell your tal­ents bet­ter, sell your­self more, sell your­self dif­fer­ent­ly than you do right now? Have you con­sid­ered going back to work part-time now that the babies are grow­ing but don’t have the vaguest idea of how to start offer­ing your skills to poten­tial employers? Con­verse­ly, do you have work that needs doing – pub­lish­ing your first book, for exam­ple – but has no idea how to find an edi­tor or a place you can have it type­set and prepped for publication? Or do you work from home as a self-employed indi­vid­ual who needs to get savvy about social media but you don’t have a clue how to get started? best freelance websites for beginners l freelancing websites for beginners l what is fiverr l best freelance website l best freelancer platform These are just a few of the sce­nar­ios Fiverr address­es; there are quite lit­er­al­ly many dozens more. To put it sim­ply, Fiverr is an online mar­ket­place of dig­i­tal pro­fes­sion­als who sell (or buy) skills, on a con­tract basis, as employ­ers or employees. It launched just over a decade ago, in 2012, and with­in two years, it was a smash­ing suc­cess, with mil­lions of “gigs” post­ed by poten­tial employ­ers and employ­ees hop­ing to offer or land work. When it first began, all Fiverr “gigs” had a ceil­ing of just five dollars! Now, that ceil­ing is just under $1,000.00 (USD). To say that Fiverr has been a run­away suc­cess sto­ry is an understatement! Once upon a time, the term “gig” was the domain of musi­cians and, per­haps, writ­ers who made mon­ey sole­ly by per­form­ing an artis­tic endeav­our. For exam­ple, a singer got booked at a club for a night or two, the club own­er paid them after, some­times in cash and some­times by cheque, and then the per­former moved on. It was all very casu­al, and unless the singer was some­one famous, it was a tough (and dis­or­ga­nized) way to earn a living. Not any­more! The gig econ­o­my is a vast and thriv­ing mode of work­ing today. Many peo­ple work in two or three dif­fer­ent occu­pa­tions, and bid­ding on a plat­form like Fiverr is one of those occupations.  best freelance websites for beginners l freelancing websites for beginners l top freelance websites l best freelance website l best freelancer platform Some folks are so good at it, it is the sole way they earn mon­ey, and they earn a lot of it. Fiverr keeps a small cut, much like an agent does when they book a club date or a record­ing con­tract or any oth­er employment. Think of Fiverr as a fan­tas­tic online agent – it finds the work, and the employ­ers and employ­ees find each other. There is no lim­it to how large or how small a gig might be. One might be val­ued at just five dol­lars, while anoth­er may be worth thousands. There are no perime­ters that are carved in stone, so to speak, and no lim­it to how many jobs a free­lancer can bid on at any giv­en time. In this covid world we live in, in many respects, Fiverr offers the per­fect employ­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties: work safe­ly from home when and how often you like! Here are just a few of the ben­e­fits of sign­ing up with Fiverr, cre­at­ing a pro­file and either offer­ing work to qual­i­fied free­lancers or bid­ding on gigs post­ed by the thou­sands each week.

1- Potential Employees Can Live Anywhere Around The Globe

Remem­ber the days when employ­ers had to hire folks who lived with­in a rea­son­able dis­tance of the office’s loca­tion? Aren’t you glad those days are gone? We are, too! Now, thanks to tech­nol­o­gy, you can hire the best can­di­date on the best bud­get regard­less of where they live. That opens up a whole new ros­ter of ready and will­ing tal­ent who may be geo­graph­i­cal­ly dis­tant but per­fect for the task you have at hand.

2- Fiverr Goes Beyond The Boundaries Of The Traditional Workplace

When you first go on the plat­form, you’ll see a myr­i­ad of cat­e­gories, every­thing from dig­i­tal mar­ket­place to audio & music record­ing to well­ness and health, to name but a few. You sign up as an employ­er or a per­son seek­ing work and design a pro­file that details your back­ground, edu­ca­tion, and expe­ri­ence in your field. Let’s say, for exam­ple, that what you’re look­ing for is an expert who can design a diet and work­out pro­gram for you based on a par­tic­u­lar nutri­tion­al plan. Bin­go! Fiverr has spe­cial­ists who fit this descrip­tion – not tra­di­tion­al employ­ees, but peo­ple you want to hire for their exper­tise – and from there, you agree on a bud­get, a time frame, and oth­er details of the project. Once you’ve hired that per­son, the funds you deposit are safe­ly and secure­ly kept from the free­lancer until you, the employ­er, say you are ful­ly sat­is­fied and the project is com­plete. It’s a win/win sce­nario for all involved! best freelance websites for beginners l freelancing websites for beginners l top freelance websites l best freelance website l best freelancer platform You can work as much or as lit­tle as you choose. Fiverr does­n’t have any­one crack­ing a metaphor­i­cal whip telling you to get to work, work more, and work harder! That’s one of the biggest ben­e­fits of estab­lish­ing your­self as an online expert through Fiverr – you set your own hours and take on only as many gigs as you wish. You decide what gigs are inter­est­ing to you, and though you bid against oth­ers, if your skills fit the bill and you’re per­sis­tent, you can start mak­ing mon­ey rea­son­ably quickly.

3- You Can Be An Expert In A Field Unrelated To Your “day job.”

Here’s an exam­ple: You’re a dietit­ian, but you’re equal­ly pas­sion­ate about fit­ness and life coach­ing. You’ve tak­en cours­es and taught some class­es at the local gym or com­mu­ni­ty centre. You can turn that exper­tise into income by sell­ing your­self that way on Fiverr and grad­u­al­ly build­ing up a clien­tele list. By the way, the key to suc­cess on Fiverr is the high rat­ings clients give you because poten­tial employ­ers peruse those rat­ings before buy­ing your skills.

4- You Are Both A Buyer & A Seller – An Employer & An Employee On Fiverr

best freelance websites for beginners l freelancing websites for beginners l what is fiverr l best freelance website l best freelancer platform When you cre­ate your pro­file, you curate the details, so it fits your goals best. The plat­form is incred­i­bly easy to nav­i­gate, even if you are “techno­pho­bic” and aren’t usu­al­ly good with or adept at using websites. The site has much more than gigs and pro­files; it has cours­es, arti­cles and oth­er con­tent geared to users, and all of it helps hone your skills and teach­es you how to become a suc­cess­ful Fiverr. There is plen­ty of infor­ma­tion avail­able before you sign on. Fiverr makes it easy for you to learn how it all works – how to cre­ate a suc­cess­ful pro­file, how to cre­ate a gig for the first time – and you can edit all your details at any time. Let’s say, for exam­ple, at first, I decid­ed to sell my cre­ative writ­ing skills but lat­er want­ed to add my years of expe­ri­ence as a copy edi­tor. Fiverr makes those addi­tions and clar­i­fi­ca­tions super sim­ple to make, and by mak­ing those changes, I’ve widened my poten­tial cir­cle of gigs.

5- Fiverr Wants You To Succeed!

The plat­form gen­er­ates rev­enues that cov­er admin­is­tra­tion fees by with­hold­ing a small per­cent­age of each gig’s fees. It varies, depend­ing on the amount paid for the work, but hon­est­ly, it’s minor in the grand scheme of your income. Con­sid­er that Fiverr opens you up to a glob­al audi­ence, poten­tial buy­ers whom you would nev­er have reached before join­ing the site. Here’s an exam­ple: thanks to Fiverr, a writer like me, based near Toron­to, Cana­da, has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to work for clients in the Mid­dle East, Amer­i­ca, and the Unit­ed King­dom – just about any­where in the world! What­ev­er small sum Fiverr keeps for intro­duc­ing me to new buy­ers is worth every pen­ny because the site helps me gen­er­ate income I could only dream of before it existed.

Last but not least!

Today’s work world is not lim­it­ed by geo­graph­ic bound­aries any­more. Web­sites like Fiverr are enabling us to reach poten­tial con­tacts that were once out of the ques­tion. Now, the bor­ders are gone, and folks are able to sell every skill in their pro­fes­sion­al tool kit. Gigs are avail­able in almost any cat­e­go­ry you can think of, pro­vid­ed you’ve writ­ten a ter­rif­ic pro­file in pro­fes­sion­al Eng­lish and post­ed a clear pho­to­graph to accom­pa­ny it. If you’ve got the tal­ent, Fiverr has like­ly got the ide­al gig to match that tal­ent. And best of all, you can start earn­ing mon­ey imme­di­ate­ly and watch your side busi­ness grow and thrive, all from the com­fort of your home office.

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