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Best Eye­shad­ow Palettes For Redheads If you’re one of those lucky women who was born with a head of beau­ti­ful red hair, you are no doubt used to get­ting lots of com­pli­ments on it. Whether your tress­es are long and curly like Jes­si­ca Chas­tain’s or straight and strik­ing like Julianne Moore’s, your red hair has like­ly been a stand­out trait that every­one has been com­ment­ing on for most of your life. Some women are born with lus­cious red locks, while oth­ers choose to get a red tint at their hair styl­ists. No mat­ter how you came to your red hair, no doubt you love it because it’s part of what makes you a unique indi­vid­ual. But know­ing what eye make­up colours to wear that work per­fect­ly with your gin­ger mane can be tricky. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly true if your skin is pale, as it so often is with redheads. How to choose colours that make you look your best, rather than over­tired or even a lit­tle ghoul­ish? Where can you learn what colours look best with your hair and skin tone? Even cos­met­ic counter staff are some­times flum­moxed by what looks good and what looks just plain wrong when it comes to redheads. Fear not! In this arti­cle, we pour over all the colours in eye shad­ow palettes that are right for red­heads. Whether your tress­es are the shade of a bright cop­per pen­ny or the deep auburn of a mahogany antique, we’ve got you covered. We offer com­bos, colour pair­ings and solo shades made to bring out the best in your hair colour, skin tone and facial fea­tures. And don’t for­get that your eye colour affects what make­up you should choose! We offer ideas here for basic eye make­up to wear at the office, as well as sug­ges­tions for how to look your most glam­orous for a night on the town. We’ve done the research and scoured the inter­net to dis­cov­er what the pros rec­om­mend you wear on a vari­ety of occa­sions. Con­tin­ue read­ing to learn how to choose eye make­up that makes the most of your red tress­es or how to shop for cos­met­ics for that spe­cial red­head in your life.

If You’re a Redhead With Blue Eyes

best eyeshadow palettes for redheads Did you know that hav­ing red hair and blue eyes is con­sid­ered one of the rarest colour com­bos of all pair­ings? It is! So if you are lucky enough to have this duo, be sure you make the most of it by wear­ing the right eye make­up palette. Red­heads with blue eyes should lean toward warm colours, includ­ing bronzes, browns in a vari­ety of shades, gold, cer­tain shades of green, and even orange. Orange hues can offer a dra­mat­ic look for an evening out, though you might want to use qui­eter colours for your pro­fes­sion­al look.

If You’re a Redhead With Brown Or Hazel Eyes

Pinks and soft pur­ples enhance any green tones in hazel eyes. Brown and bronze hues work well, too, as do gold shades. If your eyes are brown, you can use a vari­ety of eye shad­ows, even sil­ver and even blue. But to achieve a warm look, stick with gold, bronze and cop­per tones.

If You’re a Redhead With Green Eyes

best eyeshadow palettes for redheads These lucky women can wear a vari­ety of nudes and soft pinks and ros­es, but they can also go big and wear vivid pur­ples. The bold hues work on red­heads with green eyes.

If You’re a Redhead With Blue-Grey Eyes

This is a colour com­bo that wears sil­vers and blues very well, par­tic­u­lar­ly if you want a dra­mat­ic look for an evening out, like a fan­cy par­ty. Our research revealed that no mat­ter what colour your eyes are, exper­i­ment­ing with all kinds of shades and get­ting advice from make­up pro­fes­sion­als is the right strat­e­gy for dis­cov­er­ing exact­ly what eye make­up palettes work best for you. Much depends, as we men­tioned, on pre­cise­ly what shade of red your hair is, eye colour and skin tone. How­ev­er, we learned that vir­tu­al­ly all red­heads, no mat­ter their hair’s hue, look great in neu­trals, blush tones and nude eye shad­ows. But those aren’t your only choic­es. And one more thing: once you’ve decid­ed what eye shad­ow colours you love and think look great, don’t stop there. The right shade of mas­cara, brow pen­cil and lip­stick all con­tribute to pulling your look togeth­er and mak­ing the most of your gleam­ing red tresses! Here are some of the most pop­u­lar eye make­up prod­ucts for red­heads on the mar­ket today. All are avail­able either in phar­ma­cies, at depart­ment stores, or on Amazon.

1- Urban Decay Naked Mini Eye Shadow Palette

best eyeshadow palettes for redheads This com­pact of six pow­der eye shad­ows comes in hues rang­ing from nude to deep­er brown shades. They can work togeth­er or alone, depend­ing on the look you’re going for. The com­pact is designed to trav­el eas­i­ly, either in your make­up bag while head­ing to the office or in your car­ry-on lug­gage dur­ing vaca­tion. It’s small and takes up very lit­tle room no mat­ter where you keep it. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

2- NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette

The fin­ish­es of these shad­ows range from mat­te to glossy, which means you’ve got the right look for almost every occa­sion. The 16 shades range from dark brown to peach to nude, so you can com­bine two or even three to get a cus­tomized look. This com­pact col­lec­tion gets high praise from cus­tomers and is avail­able on Ama­zon.

3- Erinde 10 Colours Eye Shadow Makeup Palette

best eyeshadow palettes for redheads Shades with names like “milk tea” say it all about this 10-shad­ow vari­ety pack. There are pinks, browns, and rose shades too, mak­ing for a one-stop make­up shop for many of your shad­ow palette needs. You can mix and match or use just a stroke of one colour on your lids for a sub­tle look. In addi­tion to being cru­el­ty-free (as most cos­met­ics are today) this prod­uct boasts an envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly label – it uses less pack­ag­ing than some oth­er make­up lines. The com­pa­ny says it is com­mit­ted to help­ing the plan­et by reduc­ing waste. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

4- Focallure 2 Piece Cream Eye Shadow Stick

This prod­uct comes in a whole host of two-stick colour com­bi­na­tions, such as pink and red, taupe and brown, grey and ivory – more than 15 com­bo sticks in all. The creamy tex­ture goes on with an easy swipe, and because it’s water­proof, it lasts for hours, even a full work­day. Avail­able on Ama­zon, it’s smart to stock up on a few of these com­bi­na­tion sticks, so no mat­ter what’s on your sched­ule, you’ve got the right eye shad­ow shades to match. As we said ear­li­er, choos­ing the right eye shad­ow is impor­tant, but oth­er cos­met­ics are impor­tant too, includ­ing your brow pen­cil, mas­cara and lip­stick. Here’s a quick roundup of four prod­ucts that work well on almost every red­head, day or night. Your brows help to frame your face; mas­cara helps your eyes pop, and your lip­stick is the top­per that com­pletes your look.

- Eye Embrace The Ginger Eyebrow Pencil Classic

This water­proof prod­uct comes with its own sharp­en­er in a red/brown tone that’s per­fect for most red­heads. Whether you pre­fer a sub­tle swipe to fill in small gaps in your brows or you love a dra­mat­ic arch, this pen­cil does the trick. Avail­able on Ama­zon. Accord­ing to many make­up pros, red­heads can wear an array of lip­stick shades and look fab­u­lous, includ­ing pop­py, nude, bright pink and rose. Here are two prod­ucts that are pop­u­lar choic­es on Ama­zon and a hit with users.

- Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer

The colour rec­om­mend­ed for red­heads is called Rouge Intense, which comes with a base, nude primer. It gives your lips a love­ly, pink­ish-red burst of colour that lasts for hours. Avail­able on Ama­zon

- Almay Lip Vibe Lipstick with Vitamin E

best eyeshadow palettes for redheads This prod­uct comes in a vari­ety of colours that all suit red­heads, includ­ing peach, nude, rose, bur­gundy and blush. It con­tains Shea but­ter, which helps keep your lips moist and the lip­stick in place. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

Mascara For Redheads: What’s The Best Colour?

If you’re get­ting dressed to the hilt for a spe­cial event, make­up pros rec­om­mend black mas­cara for red­heads, because it lends a dra­mat­ic con­trast to your hair and eye shad­ow. But what if you only want to make your pale lash­es stand out a lit­tle more when you’re head­ing to work but not make them look like too, too much? Here’s the ide­al solution:

- Just For Redheads Mascara

best eyeshadow palettes for redheads This prod­uct, as its name says, is per­fect for red­heads with pale lash­es who are look­ing to bring focus and atten­tion to their eyes with­out mak­ing them appear too over­done. Although it comes in sev­er­al shades, the ide­al choice for every day is “gin­ger red,” which length­ens and fills in lash­es with­out dark­en­ing them or mak­ing them look too dressy. It’s also avail­able in gin­ger brown, gin­ger auburn and gin­ger cocoa, Avail­able on Ama­zon. Know­ing what make­up is appro­pri­ate for dif­fer­ent occa­sions is impor­tant, no mat­ter what hair colour you have. How­ev­er, because red hair is so strik­ing, so unique, it’s par­tic­u­lar­ly impor­tant that your gin­ger tress­es work in sync with your eye make­up rather than work­ing at odds with it. Whether you’re spend­ing the day in meet­ings at work or attend­ing an ele­gant soiree, mak­ing up your eyes so they look per­fect with your red hair is cru­cial. The prod­ucts we’ve men­tioned in this arti­cle are high­ly rec­om­mend­ed for women who are lucky enough to have a stun­ning gin­ger mane. We’d love to hear from you after you try them!

Top FAVORITE Everyday Makeup Products for Redheads — Zabrena

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