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Best Bassinet For C Section A new baby is cause for cel­e­bra­tion. But deliv­er­ing one isn’t always easy, par­tic­u­lar­ly if a C‑section was nec­es­sary to bring your baby into the world. Some C‑sections are sched­uled in advance to ensure the health of both mom and baby. Oth­ers hap­pen spon­ta­neous­ly if issues arise that cause con­cern to the doc­tor about the mom’s or baby’s well-being. Either way, it takes some time for moth­ers to recov­er ful­ly from the inci­sions made to their low­er abdomens. And while today those cuts are nowhere near as big or inva­sive as they once were, they still neces­si­tate mom tak­ing time to heal and get back to nor­mal. And that’s along with the oth­er steps in recov­ery from the preg­nan­cy itself – drop­ping hor­mone lev­els; post post­par­tum mood swings; weight changes, and many oth­er steps moms go through as their bod­ies return to their pre-preg­nan­cy state. Nat­u­ral­ly, moms want to bend over and pick up their new­borns as often as pos­si­ble – for feed­ing, cud­dling, chang­ing, and just plain close­ness.  Is there any­thing that smells more mar­vel­lous than a new­born baby’s head? No! It’s no won­der moms rush to cra­dle their babies so fre­quent­ly – a nat­ur­al bond­ing con­nec­tion elic­its a sense of pure bliss. How­ev­er, if you’ve just had a C‑section to bring your baby out into the world, bend­ing over is not a move­ment doc­tors rec­om­mend you do. That restric­tion is eas­i­ly accom­mo­dat­ed as long as you’re in the hos­pi­tal, but what about when you get home?  How can you keep your baby close and be ready to respond the moment they need you, with­out jeop­ar­diz­ing the heal­ing of your inci­sion?  By mak­ing sure your new­born is snug­gled secure­ly into just the right bassinet, that’s how! In this arti­cle, we sug­gest some of the best bassinets for C‑sections avail­able on the mar­ket today, all of which allow you to reach your new­born eas­i­ly with­out strain­ing your inci­sion. One of these bassinets is sure to be right for any new mom who’s try­ing to heal, while at the same time dot­ing on their infant every moment of the day and night. (All our rec­om­men­da­tions are avail­able at most baby gear stores, big box stores such as Wal­mart, and Amazon).

1- Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

Best Bassinet For C Section This bassinet, built on wheels and con­struct­ed of met­al, mesh and fab­ric, is easy to roll to your bed­side so the baby is near­by all night long. One side can be low­ered to pro­vide easy access, allow­ing you to sleep beside your lit­tle one, but not have them in your bed. That means it’s safer and more com­fort­able for you, your baby, and your spouse. Also, you can raise or low­er this bassinet so it is lev­el with your bed. At either end is a small pock­et designed to hold essen­tials for your baby, mak­ing changes or feed­ing espe­cial­ly easy if you’re con­fined to bed while recu­per­at­ing from a C‑section. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

2- Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper

Best Bassinet For C Section This mod­el has five vari­a­tions in height lev­els, mean­ing it’s bound to fit snug­ly against vir­tu­al­ly any mat­tress. The mesh walls allow for max­i­mum ven­ti­la­tion, so your lit­tle one gets lots of love­ly fresh air. The Sky­lar comes equipped with a trav­el bag, so prep­ping for a day trip or overnight vis­it to the grand­par­ents’ house is easy. The frame is alu­minum, so it’s light yet durable. Also, on wheels for easy move­ment around the bed­room, Avail­able on Ama­zon.

3- Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

Best Bassinet For C Section This unit has been rat­ed the “best bassinet” by Par­ents Mag­a­zine – an impres­sive hon­our, con­sid­er­ing how many ter­rif­ic types are avail­able today. The breath­able mesh walls ensure your baby gets lots of ven­ti­la­tion, and that you can peek in and get a glimpse of your sleep­ing baby eas­i­ly. Its design means that 360-degree swiv­el­ling is a breeze, allow­ing you to stay in bed while reach­ing out to your new­born. It can be raised to as much as 30 inch­es, so it fits even­ly to all mat­tress heights.  The sleep­ing “nest” can be detached, so you can take it with you to anoth­er room when you need to. Avail­able on Ama­zon, and can be found at depart­ment stores and big box super stores like Wal­mart for about the same price.

4- Baby Delight Bedside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Baby Sleeper

This bassinet’s sim­ple but stur­dy design has breath­able mesh on its sides, has a fibre-filled mat­tress and also comes with a fit­ted sheet. Review­ers say it moves read­i­ly on its two wheels, so mom can get out of bed with­out any strain or difficultly. Two durable straps attach to your bed to keep this sleep­er snug and secure. You can use it as a bed­side bassinet or detach the cen­tral part and car­ry it else­where. Very con­ve­nient! This item is avail­able at most Wal­mart stores, and Avail­able on Ama­zon.

5- Arm’s Reach Clear Vue Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet

Best Bassinet For C Section This item was designed by a team of pedi­a­tri­cians and obste­tri­cians, who all had moms with C‑sections upper­most in mind. It func­tions as a bed­side sleep­er or a stand-alone bassinet, depend­ing on your needs. The mesh fab­ric of the sides lets you see your sleep­ing baby eas­i­ly, and they also ensure the lit­tle one gets good ventilation. It meets all guide­lines of the Amer­i­can Pedi­atrics Asso­ci­a­tion on co-sleep­ing and can accom­mo­date your baby until they’re about five months old, depend­ing on weight. Its legs are adjustable, so it fits sev­er­al dif­fer­ent mat­tress heights, and it has a large stor­age bas­ket that lets you keep essen­tials for baby close at hand. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

6- Chicco Close To You Bassinet

This stream­lined mod­el gets high praise in online reviews from moms who’ve had C‑sections, part­ly because it’s so light­weight and easy to move. Its height is adjustable, with its high­est one meant not for the baby to sleep at but rather for the mom to han­dle chang­ing dia­pers. Although you may have a per­ma­nent and secure change table that makes the high­est lev­el of this bassinet unnec­es­sary, it’s a unique fea­ture that makes the unit stand apart from oth­er designs. Fur­ther­more, this bassinet has a bonus fea­ture moms will love: devices that offer a night­light, music, and vibra­tions! Some reviews said this mod­el was best suit­ed to get­ting the baby pre­pared for mov­ing to a nurs­ery to sleep by them­selves. Avail­able on Ama­zon, also avail­able at Wal­mart and oth­er big box stores.

Final Thoughts

Being a new mom can be over­whelm­ing as well as joy­ful, and if you’ve had a C‑section, the chal­lenges are even greater. Don’t make the ear­ly days at home with your new baby more phys­i­cal­ly chal­leng­ing by choos­ing a bassinet that’s not built with those chal­lenges in mind. Con­sid­er all the after-effects of a C‑section before you buy, so that you and your baby are com­fort­able and cozy, all snug­gled up close to one anoth­er, side by side in the per­fect bassinet. Remem­ber: you’ve got to heal as quick­ly as pos­si­ble so you can take good care of your new­born. Bend­ing, stoop­ing, and lift­ing are all dif­fi­cult when you first get home from the hos­pi­tal when you’ve had a C‑section.  Choos­ing a bed­side bassinet that takes into account all those lim­i­ta­tions is how you’ll recov­er quick­ly, with­out added strain, pain, or oth­er difficulties.

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